GLASS EYE PIX Sizzle Reel The Larry Fessenden Collection DEPRAVED BENEATH THE LAST WINTER WENDIGO HABIT No Telling / The Frankenstein Complex ABCs of Death 2: N is for NEXUS Skin And Bones Until Dawn Until Dawn: Rush of Blood FOXHOLE The Ranger LIKE ME PSYCHOPATHS MOST BEAUTIFUL ISLAND Stake Land II STRAY BULLETS Darling LATE PHASES How Jesus Took America Hostage — “American Jesus” the Movie New Doc BIRTH OF THE LIVING DEAD Explores the Impact of the Ground-Breaking Horror Film NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD THE COMEDY THE INNKEEPERS HYPOTHERMIA STAKE LAND BITTER FEAST THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL I CAN SEE YOU WENDY & LUCY Liberty Kid I SELL THE DEAD Tales From Beyond The Pale Glass Eye Pix Comix SUDDEN STORM: A Wendigo Reader, paperbound book curated by Larry Fessenden Satan Hates You Trigger Man Automatons THE ROOST Impact Addict Videos
October 14, 2020
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Fansided pays tribute to 35th Anniversary with “31 Days of Halloween: Favorites from Glass Eye Pix”

From Fansided: Creativity drives the efforts at Glass Eye Pix, and the cumulative result has been a quality over quantity approach that rewards adventurous genre fans. These are films to be pondered and processed, not consumed and forgotten. In honor of their contribution to horror, I felt it appropriate to highlight some of my favorite efforts from Glass Eye Pix:

  • Like Me (2017) – Along with Ingrid Goes West, this is one of the most disturbing and visually dazzling depictions of the toxic cult of personality social media can inspire. A stunning feature debut from Robert Mockler.
  • Darling (2015) – Mickey Keating‘s black-and-white tale of isolation and madness recalls such “woman alone” horrors as Repulsion and Carnival of Souls.
  • The Innkeepers (2011) – Ti West’s haunted-hotel follow-up to The House of the Devil blends comedy and chills to great effect. Pat Healy and Sara Paxton play our extremely likable protagonists.
  • Stake Land (2010) – A hybrid of horror and post-apocalyptic action, Jim Mickle and Nick Damici create a fresh spin on the vampire mythos.
  • No Telling (1991) – A bone-chilling modern rendition of Frankenstein, shifting the focus from a decaying castle to an isolated farm, where an ambitious scientist experiments on the livestock. An unsettling effort from Fessenden, which is even more topical and relevant today.

Read in Full HERE

October 13, 2020
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Fessenden’s DEPRAVED out Down Under

New from Yellow Umbrella, Fessenden’s DEPRAVED
is released in Australia with cool cover art!

October 12, 2020
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JT Petty’s “BLOOD RED EARTH” streaming for One Day Only

In celebration of America’s newest Holiday, “Indigenous People’s Day,”
Glass Eye Pix is proud to offer a ONE DAY ONLY screening of the little-seen BLOOD RED EARTH
JT Petty’s short prequel to his highly under-rated period creature-feature THE BURROWERS.

Now streaming at the secret Glass Eye Pix Vimeo page.

October 11, 2020
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TONIGHT at 8PM PST/10CST/11PM EST Cocktails with Crampton and Fessenden

Barbara Crampton and Fessenden will be enjoying cocktails
and talking horror and whatever else comes up on Zoom.

Hosted by IFCMidnight As part of NIGHTSTREAMFEST

For Badge holders only

October 10, 2020
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Bloody Disgusting: “SKIN AND BONES” perfect for Halloween

10 Monstrous Horror Anthology TV Episodes Perfect for Halloween

Editorial by Paul Le

Tales From the Television looks back at standalone episodes from various TV anthologies. Each collection of stories, every one based on a specific theme, is proof that even the small screen can deliver big frights.

For as long as humans have existed, so have monsters. These often grotesque and unusual creatures with varying origins have appeared in everything from the written word to the big screen. Some monsters are legendary and fantastical, whereas others are modern manifestations of people’s worst fears and traits.

Movies have fueled our fascination with monsters for decades, but what about TV?

Television anthologies like the following feature unique beasts who are just as menacing as their cinematic ilk.

Fear Itself (2008): “Skin & Bones”

Before Fear Itself was originally cancelled, Mick Garris’ second anthology series ended with “Skin & Bones,” a bitterly cold and supernatural tale directed by Larry Fessenden. The director’s passion for wendigo folklore is palpable in this cruel and harrowing account of a family cut up by lies and hardship after the missing father (Doug Jones) returns home.

Throughout his career, Fessenden has infrequently explored wendigo mythology (Wendigo, The Last Winter), but “Skin & Bones” is his most undisguised essay on these evil spirits. This is among Doug Jones’ best performances, and despite network restrictions, the grisly moments never feel too sanitary.

Read whole list at Bloody Disgusting

October 9, 2020
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The DEPRAVED slice returns to Two Boots!

The monster got his slice, get yours!

Our pals over at Two Boots celebrate Shocktober with the re-release of
the DEPRAVED Pizza Slice:

2020 has been so scary we decided one Halloween pie was not enough!
We conspired with Larry Fessenden in our Slice Lab in 2019
to create this Halloween pizza, The Depraved (lotsa meat or vegan!) –
a nod to Larry’s macabre, Frankenstein-inspired film.

Grab a slice and watch Fessenden’s DEPRAVED,
now streaming on HULU.

October 9, 2020
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GEP pal Ilya Chaiken gets in the Holiday Spirit!

by GEP pal Ilya Chaiken (director of LIBERTY KID).
Get yours today!

 For sale, one week only! ALL PROFITS will be donated to
top viable campaigns to FLIP THE SENATE BLUE. 
notable quotes, her famous blood red Xmas tree,

and twinkly corona decorations! 

Four cards = $20 plus $3 shipping/handling. Envelopes included!
Please add an additional $5 for each card requested above four.
10 cards for $45 with free shipping!
Send your request and mailing address to Venmo:
@ilya-chaiken or Paypal:
October 8, 2020
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Reznick on the Mind: PT2

Longtime GEP pal Graham Reznick discusses his first encounter with Glass Eye Pix

and the many projects he has collaborated on, from Ti West’s THE ROOST,
to Larry Fessenden’s THE LAST WINTER, to his own films I CAN SEE YOU,
THE VIEWER and THE CAREGIVER. He speaks about independent film
and the extended Glass Eye family.
Check out Reznick’s discography on Bandcamp
October 8, 2020
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Reznick on the Mind: PT 1

TBT: Ti West and Graham Reznick smile for the
camera at a screening of THE ROOST.

October 8, 2020
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Graham Reznick discography on Bandcamp!

The newest digital album from GEP pal Graham Reznick titled “UNSUMMONED” is now available on Bandcamp. Three ambient soundscape/drone tracks used in THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL and elsewhere.

Take a listen to Reznick’s discography on his Bandcamp page. Featuring unreleased rarities from TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE, CREEPY CHRISTMAS, DEADWAX, Reznick’s Glass Eye classic I CAN SEE YOU and more.

Graham Reznick on BANDCAMP