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September 15, 2021
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THE LAST WINTER unspools in Brussels in Eco Horror program at Offscreen Film Fest 9/17/21

Fessenden’s film among 30 essential eco-horrors


In the wake of the unprecedented pandemic, we plunge headfirst into the toxic ooze of the “anthropocene”, an epochal description of the last two hundred and fifty years, during which mankind has disrupted the climate and despoiled every last inch of Earth’s natural landscape

Our programme includes no less than thirty films, divided between Cinema Nova and Cinematek. From an out-of-control climate (The Last Winter), retribution from the animal world (Long Weekend) and plagues of arthropods (Kingdom of the Spiders, Phase IV) to pandemics (The Andromeda Strain), pollution (Frogs) and overpopulation (Soylent Green), it will be a dark trip through cinematic depictions of climate fear, at the point where the dystopian sci-fi of the first ecological genre films of the 1970s is increasingly becoming a dangerous and tangible reality.

An American oil company rep (Ron Perlman) clashes with an environmental scientist on a remote Alaskan outpost afflicted by odd phenomena. An effect of climate change, or is everyone going stir crazy? Eerie indie eco-horror in which the snowy wasteland draws on its paranormal heritage to oppose the human invaders.

THE LAST WINTER Introduced by Silvia Pastorelli (Greenpeace EU climate and energy expert)

September 13, 2021
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Fessenden 7 FILM TRIBUTE at the Slovakian International Film Festival CINEMATIK Sept 14—19

September 12, 2021
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Jack Fessenden’s FOXHOLE to World Premier at Germany’s Oldenburg Film Festival Sept 17, 2021

Andi Matichak stars in the Glass Eye Pix / Nous Entertainment production

from the Program Notes:

36 hours in three different wars – the American Civil War, World War I, and Iraq. »Foxhole« follows a small group of soldiers who are confronted in a confined space with questions of their morality, the futility of their actions, and an increasingly unpredictable combat situation. Between courage born of desperation, fear of death, and absurd attempts to posit positions of right or wrong, Jack Fessenden’s intensifying construct invites space to everything that defines a human being. There is no war, there is no patriotic goal, not even orientation in the most elementary sense. All there is, is a foxhole, a wall of fog and a desperate will not to die. A war movie, an anti-war movie, a deeply humanistic movie, written and directed by a 19-year-old that is as mature, thoughtful and poetic as “Foxhole” is a dazzling promise for the future of cinema. Nothing less than humanity is negotiated, from the trench in the American Civil War to a Humvee in the Iraq war. What have we learned in the last 150 years?

September 11, 2021
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“There is no shortage of films
about the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks,
but there is a lack of good ones. The low-budget indie Liberty Kid,
produced by downtown auteur Larry Fessenden,
is one of those that succeeds.”
—New York Post


September 9, 2021
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TBT: Glass Eye Classics

Fessenden at the 2007 LA Independent Film Fest with three GEP flix…
LIBERTY KID by Ilya Chaiken, TRIGGER MAN by Ti West and
THE LAST WINTER by Larry Fessenden.

September 3, 2021
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Ilya Chaiken’s LIBERTY KID now streaming on HBO MAX

Glass Eye Pix ushers in Hispanic Heritage month
and commemorates the 20th anniversary of 9/11
with the HBO MAX debut of this award-winning film from 2007
directed by Ilya Chaiken, starring Al Thompson & Kareem Savinon.

“Liberty Kid elevates that woeful genre, the 9/11 movie,
by keeping a ‘Wire’-worthy ear to the street talk

of south Williamsburg and maintaining
a shrewd balance of the personal and the political…

an uncommonly acute, deftly played drama”
Village Voice

watch the trailer

September 2, 2021
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Beck Underwood’s THERE IN SPIRIT unspools at The Woodstock Film Festival Oct, 2021

GEP pal Beck Underwood will screen her latest spell
in the animation program 
Fri, Oct 1st, 4:00 PM @ Woodstock Community Center

from The WFF Catalogue

Synopsis: In a non-distinct period in time, at a table in a barn, masked figures commune over simple chores and games. These mysterious interactions serve to conjure a playful spirit. As night falls the spirit poses questions about the life that continues on without them.

Director’s Bio: Beck Underwood is a filmmaker based in the Hudson Valley and NYC. She conducts her experiments in stop motion animation in a variety of settings, embracing the planned and accidental with equal glee.

Film Website:

September 2, 2021
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Rigo Garay’s SIZE UP to premiere at The Woodstock Film Festival, October 2021

the short film SIZE UP
is the directorial debut of GEP Filmworker Rigo Garay

screens Sat, Oct 2nd, 6:45 PM
at theWoodstock Community Center. Also available online!

from the WFF catalogue:

Synopsis: After his older brother Tone is violently murdered over a pair of sneakers, 11-year-old Noel finds himself having to choose between revenge or righteousness, throughout the course of a single night. Will Noel succumb to his surroundings or choose the right path?

Director’s Bio: Rigo Garay is a writer/actor/director from Long Island, NY. Since 2015, he’s been working at Glass Eye Pix, an indie film production company in NYC founded by horror auteur Larry Fessenden. With a close mentorship with Fessenden, Garay aspires to make films with a focus on lower middle class Latinx characters.

Film Website and Teaser

September 1, 2021
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Jack Fessenden’s FOXHOLE to have North American Premiere at The Woodstock Film Festival October 1st

FOXHOLE unspools October 1 & 2 in theaters and on-line 

From the Festival Catalogue:

… As our nation undergoes a current crisis of meaning and purpose,
Foxhole is a compelling example of how turmoil can bring out the humanity in us all.
Written, directed, edited, and scored by Jack Fessenden, it is an aspirational work of singular vision.
— Olivia Belluck

Film Website:

August 31, 2021
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Dinoboy video “Angel” by Jack Fessenden & Dalton Salisbury now on YouTube