Satan Hates You

Dir. James Felix McKenney (2011 94 min, hvx, 1.78)

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We follow Marc (Don Wood) a homicidal maniac driven by demons buried deep within his soul, and Wendy (Christine Spencer) Marc’s polar opposite who lives life fast and hard without a second’s thought to the consequences. Their separate paths will eventually cross, but will it be on the road to salvation or the highway to hell?

SATAN HATES YOU is the latest feature film from producer Larry Fessenden’s Glass Eye Pix and writer/director James Felix McKenney’s MonsterPants Movies. The film has been in the process of being shot in small segments since 2005 while McKenney and company worked on other projects, including the critically acclaimed AUTOMATONS. The final shoot, which makes up the bulk of SATAN HATES YOU, was completed in July of 2008.Inspired by films from the golden age of religious cinema such as A THIEF IN THE NIGHT (1972), IF FOOTMEN TIRE YOU, WHAT WILL HORSES DO? (1971) and STALKED (1969), SATAN HATES YOU is a graphic horror film that tells the stories of two individuals and their personal struggles with Lucifer himself.We follow Marc (Don Wood) a homicidal maniac driven by demons buried deep within his soul, and Wendy (Christine Spencer) Marc’s polar opposite who lives life fast and hard without a second’s thought to the consequences. Their separate paths will eventually cross, but will it be on the road to salvation or the highway to hell?The film boasts a large ensemble cast, mixing well-known genre names with MonsterPants regulars.SATAN HATES YOU is available now on DVD in the US and UK.

DON WOOD – (CanniBallistic!, TV’s Colonial House)


ANGUS SCRIMM – (Phantasm, TV’s Alias)

MICHAEL BERRYMAN – (The Hills Have Eyes, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest)

REGGIE BANNISTER – (Phantasm, Bubba Ho-Tep)

LARRY FESSENDEN – (Habit, The Brave One)


BRADFORD SCOBIE – (Shortbus,The Waking Dead)


DEBBIE ROCHON – (Tromeo and Juliet, Terror Firmer)

JENNIFER BOUTELL (Automatons, The Pod)



MATT HUFFMAN (Automatons, The Pod)

RUTH KULERMAN (The Off Season)

AMY CHANG (Red, Ikenhisu: To Kill with One Blow)

JEB BERRIER (Azira: Blood from the Sand)

KRISTYN WATTERS (Adieux, Dames, Gas Huffin’ Bad Gals!)

JOHN LEVENE (TV’s Doctor Who, Psychomania)

BRENDA COONEY (I Sell the Dead, House of the Devil)

FRANCINE PADO (The Off Season)

WINSTON BRAMEN (CanniBallistic!, Next Stop Wonderland)

WES DAY (Blue Man Group)

MAX BROOKS (author – The Zombie Survival Guide, World War Z)


DW FERRANTI (CanniBallistic!, The Darien Gap)

SEAN REID (Trigger Man, The Roost)

LAURA SWEENEY (CanniBallistic!, Gas Huffin’ Bad Gals!)


GRAZHM REZNICK (director – I Can See You)


CAMUS REVEL (Satan Hates You)

DANIEL J. MAZIKOWSKI (Trigger Man, Automatons)

RON WARD (musician – Speedball Baby, Blood Oranges)

LAURA CAMIEN (The Off Season)

CHRIS SHAW (I Sell the Dead, Split)

DAVID W. HALE (CanniBallistic!, The Off Season)

LAREE LOVE (Automatons, An Imperfect Solution: A Tale of the Re-Animator)

DAVID LESLIE (The Rocket Movie, No Telling)

ALAN ROWE KELLY (I’ll Bury You Tomorrow, The Blood Shed)

A.J. KHAN (The Lord of the G-Strings, Daughters of Darkness)

MONIQUE DUPREE (For Christ’s Sake, Bikini Bloodbath Christmas)

MICK LAUER (The Viewer, I Can See You)












"weird and wild... a truly subversive work of art." -- SHOCK CINEMA
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"a clever collision of flamboyant gore and social commentary that never goes too far with anything save mordant wit" - John Anderson, VARIETY "weird and wild... a truly subversive work of art." - Steven Puchalski, SHOCK CINEMA
Out NOW on DVD from TLA Releasing's Danger After Darkin the US and UK!Bonus features include:A 23-minute look Behind-the-Scenes Extended scenes "Creepy Chirstmas" short film Theatrical Trailer Order yours today!