Dear fellow artisan,

Over the years we have gotten many script and pitch submissions and we’ve always tried to support and encourage aspiring and even seasoned filmmakers looking to work with Glass Eye Pix. But the reality is, we have limited time to read everything that passes through our letterbox and e-mails, and more significantly, we don’t have the budget to launch every project we like. I am pretty sure we can not finance your film.

We are going to make submitting to us a little more officious now, so please check out the submission policy below if you want to try anyway. My advice is to make your first movie on your own by any means necessary. We wish you lots of luck in your endeavors.

prez, GEP


If you would like to submit material to Glass Eye Pix, please download the Submission Release here. Materials submitted without a fully completed Submission Release will be discarded unread. While you are welcome to submit, please note that Glass Eye Pix is not obliged to respond and a response may come only after an extended period of time or not at all. Email the fully completed Submission Release form and materials here.