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January 17, 2019
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TBT: Larry & Jeff

2018, Jeff Goldblum and Fessenden on set of The Mountain,
directed by Rick Alverson (THE COMEDY).

January 16, 2019
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HOLIDAY live at The Bitter End! FRIDAY!

The Bitter End
147 Bleecker St
New York, NY 10012

Holiday on Spotify

January 15, 2019
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Cutting Room #115: Godard in Fragments

January 14, 2019
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THE RANGER now available on Blu-Ray!

Bonus Features include: Audio Commentary with Writer/Director Jenn Wexler, Co-Writer Giaco Furino, Producer Heather Buckley, Actors Chloe Levine and Jeremy Holm – Troublemakers: Meet the Cast – 5 Making-of Documentaries Featuring Cast and Crew – Origins: From Script to Screen – The Style: Getting the Look – Up the Punx: The Music of The Ranger – Glitter in the Blood: Moments From the Set.

Buy Now!

January 12, 2019
Facebook Twitter Email DEPRAVED among “12 Most Anticipated Horror Films of 2019”

DEPRAVED has graduated from one of “52 most anticipated” horror movies of 2019 to one of 30 most anticipated horror movies of 2019 to one of 12!

From the article by Keenan Mcclelland in

“The fine folks out at Glass Eye Pix have another nail biter for us. This time it looks to be writer and director Larry Fessenden’s stab at a Frankenstein-type tale. All we know so far is that our field surgeon lead is suffering from PTSD and starts making a creation out of human body parts and brings them to life. Fans of Supermassive Games Until Dawn starring Rami Malek may remember creator Fessenden as the games co-writer and Ahab character who attempts to save the surviving teens.”

Read the list here

January 11, 2019
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Weekends with GEP: The Crawl (10.31.13—7.16.14)

Why not binge view all 20 hours of the epic performance piece by Robert Leaver (co-writer, THE LAST WINTER) who crawled up Broadway on hands and knees over a period of 9 months. Documented by Fessenden & co, it’s the sort of project that keeps Glass Eye Pix proudly out of the mainstream.

Here is a brief sampler set to Music:

But the truly intrepid will visit the site and
give themselves over to this time-based entertainment:

Here is Fessenden’s recollection of the project:

Notes from a wing man

For a couple of years Robbie Leaver and I were writing scripts together, our collaboration was fruitful and robust. I dare say we wrote some fantastic scripts I’m still fighting to get made. When we allowed ourselves digressions from the work Robbie told me he wanted to crawl somewhere in protest against something, he wasn’t sure what. He might have a huge globe on his back and crawl from New York to Washington to protest environmental abuses.

None of that happened, but in the Fall of 2013 when he told me he might crawl up Manhattan in his father’s suit, I didn’t blink. It made sense and it was manageable. We talked about what it would all mean and agreed that it needed to be open to interpretation. We did set some parameters: only Broadway and maybe he was Crawling Home to his apartment in Washington Heights.

I missed the maiden voyage on Halloween 2013, so I was able to learn of the unfolding project like others on Robbie’s mailing list. At first he was just e-mailing the crawl diaries to friends, but I encouraged him to start a website—not facebook, not too public, but something you could find if you looked, a destination that could be shared, where the whole journey would be chronicled.


January 11, 2019
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Film School Rejects: DEPRAVED among 52 Most Anticipated Movies of 2019

Fessenden included among Kelly Reichardt, Martin Scorsese, Jordan Peele
and more in Film School Rejects list.

From FSR: “Along with Lloyd Kaufman’s Troma Entertainment, Larry Fessenden and his company Glass Eye Pix is one of the most well-respected staples of New York City genre filmmaking. From Habit to Beneath, Fessenden takes well-worn tropes and spins them in the way only a grizzled New Yorker could. What could ostensibly be seen as Fessenden’s attempt to reignite The Dark Universe (#TeamMummy), Depraved can also be referred to as Fessenden’s Frankenstein. Adjacent to the toxic sludge of the Gowanus Canal, a field surgeon suffering from PTSD concocts life out of discarded body parts in his Brooklyn based lab. While I want to make a joke about hipsters, gentrified Brooklyn, and already being the walking dead, if I know Larry’s work, he’ll have the satire in spades.

Read Full List HERE

January 10, 2019
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TBT: Angus Scrimm visits the GEP headquarters

Angus Scrimm visits the Glass Eye headquarters, back on Elizabeth Street.

Glass Eye Pix projects featuring Angus Scrimm: THE OFF SEASON,

R.I.P. Angus Scrimm
August 19, 1926 – January 9, 2016

January 8, 2019
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Cutting Room #114: Mexico City as Alfonso Cuarón Remembers It

January 4, 2019
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Weekends with GEP: THE RANGER now on DVD!

Bonus features include audio commentary with Writer/Director Jenn Wexler,
Co-Writer Giaco Furino, Producer Heather Buckley, Actors Chloe Levine
and Jeremy Holm.
Troublemakers: Meet the Cast
A making-of documentary featuring cast & crew.

Now available on Amazon