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July 27, 2014
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Fessenden on The Ghostman & Demon Hunter Show TONIGHT

Tonight Fessenden will be chatting LIVE on The Ghostman & Demon Hunter Show available on 102.7 FM the Hog, Celestial Radio, PP Entertainment Radio, and Stitcher.

Show starts at 7!

About the G&D Show–
Each week the G&D Show brings home the crazy with celebrity interviews, weird news, insights by authors and specialists, new investigations, the truth behind local legends and seemingly impossible tales. They are the American Pickers of story tellers… accept no imitations!


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Tune in!

July 24, 2014
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Fessenden on Frankensteinia

Our favorite Frankenstein blog tributes Fessenden’s music video FRANKENSTEIN CANNOT BE STOPPED for the indie band Life in a Blender. Check out the full post over at Frankensteinia!

July 22, 2014
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LATE PHASES “a Badass Werewolf Shocker With Loads of Heart”

LATE PHASES played Fantasia Festival this weekend, and the reviews are rolling in!

BLOODY DISGUSTING calls the film “a masterpiece of the werewolf genre” and The Hollywood Reporter says, “Nick Damici is the Charles Bronson of blind, senior-citizen werewolf hunters.

Check out the full Bloody Disgusting review here and the full Hollywood Reporter review here.

And stay tuned for for more news on LATE PHASES!

July 16, 2014
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LATE PHASES at Fantasia Festival

We are proud to announce that LATE PHASES, Adrián García Bogliano’s old-school creature feature, will have its Canadian Premiere at this year’s Fantasia International Film Festival! If you’re attending the legendary fest, be sure to catch the screening this saturday, July 19th, at 5:00PM. For the full details, head over to the Fantasia Fest website, where you’ll also find a positively glowing writeup about the film.

“(Late Phases) has delivered a true love letter to ’80s monster-movie buffs and all those hankering for a good old-fashioned werewolf picture.”
- Tony Timpone, Fangoria

July 11, 2014
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Check it: Photos from GEP’s CHILLING VISIONS Segments

Check out stills and BTS photos from Graham Reznick’s “The Caregiver” and Glenn McQuaid’s “The Trouble With Dad,” both part of CHILLING VISIONS: 5 STATES OF FEAR!


THE CAREGIVER See full gallery here


THE TROUBLE WITH DAD See full gallery here


July 11, 2014
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Music from Graham Reznick’s Chilling Vision, THE CAREGIVER



Now available on bandcamp: the original synth music featured in “The Caregiver,” Graham Reznick’s segment of Chiller’s new anthology, CHILLING VISIONS: 5 STATES OF FEAR!

Give it a listen here and watch the film on Chiller tonight at 9pm et/6pm pt.

July 11, 2014
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Twitch Recommends 5 STATES OF FEAR

CHILLING VISIONS: 5 STATES OF FEAR premieres tonight on Chiller at 9pm ET, and Twitch has their review in. Get a look at excerpts below and read the full review at

The Trouble With Dad, by Glenn McQuaid (V/H/S, I Sell The Dead and Stakeland) is a story about an elderly man looks for his dog, Charlie, while his daughter tries to move him out of the house. McQuaid has worked with Larry Fessenden at Glass Eye Pix for a while and that experience shows here. Never underestimate the elderly.

And in The Caregiver, by Graham Reznick (The Sacrament, V/H/S, The Innkeepers and Stakeland), a husband must deal with his conniving wife. All he has to do is put his mind to it. Reznick has also worked extensively with Fessenden at Glass Eye Pix. I am not the biggest Stephen King fan but I could not help but think of him when I was watching this last short. Perhaps if I were a bigger fan I would not say this but somehow the vibe of this short just rang of King.

5 States of Fear is an anthology that I can assuredly recommend viewing…The work of the directors and their crews is excellent. The risk and the allowance we as viewers make with anthologies is that there is always going to be one or two shorts that do not stand out like the rest. I can confidently say that there is not a weak link in the bunch. All five shorts have their own strengths and highlights.

You have won this round Chiller TV.
July 9, 2014
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Fangoria on 5 STATES OF FEAR

Mike Gingold at Fango on the GEP segments of Chiller’s new anthology:

The Chiller channel continues its CHILLING VISIONS anthology film franchise, begun last year with FIVE SENSES OF FEAR, with FIVE STATES OF FEAR, premiering this Friday, July 11 at 9 p.m. Fango got a sneak peek at two episodes, a couple of exclusive photos and words from the directors.

The segments making up CHILLING VISIONS: FIVE STATES OF FEAR include two by the Glass Eye Pix gang, produced by Larry Fessenden and Jennifer Wexler: “The Trouble With Dad,” directed by I SELL THE DEAD’s Glenn McQuaid, written by McQuaid and Clay McLeod Chapman and starring Peter B. Rogan (1st photo below), Bridget Dolan and Chapman; and “The Caregiver,” written and directed by I CAN SEE YOU’s Graham Reznick and starring Jeff Kaplan (2nd photo), Kersten Haile and Mickey Keating. The other three are “Sandy,” written and directed by ANIMAL’s Brett Simmons; “Tick Warning,” written and directed by John Poliquin of the GRAVE ENCOUNTERS movies; and “Ghost Daughter,” written and directed by Zao Wang.

Fango was lucky enough to attend a special screening of “Dad” and “Caregiver,” both taut, creepy tales that make the most of their limited locations and casts, each with a nifty sting in its tail. Watching them was like traveling back to the days of the great Laurel Entertainment TV shows like TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE and MONSTERS, and in a Q&A following the screening with the cast and creators, McQuaid and Reznick noted another past influence as well as, in the former’s case, a personal connection to the material…

Check out the full piece on



July 8, 2014
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5 STATES OF FEAR airs this Friday July 11 at 9PM on Chiller

Glass Eye Productions by director Graham Reznick and Glenn McQuaid among 5 scary stories in the Chiller Original production 5 STATES OF FEAR, airing Friday at 9PM. Get all the info at Chiller now!


July 3, 2014
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MICKEY KEATING talks Glass Eye, Fessenden, and his upcoming film POD

Check out Dan Dillard’s exclusive interview with Mickey Keating and Lauren Ashley Carter, in which the former GEP intern chats about past and future projects. Keating gives a shoutout to Glass Eye, and also talks about directing Fessenden in POD!

Check out the full interview on