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March 27, 2015
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Another TALE wraps in NYC

3.27.15 Fessenden and McQuaid pose after a session with Lauren Ashley Carter (JUG FACE, DARLING, THE MIND’S EYE) at Dig IT Audio in NYC.


March 27, 2015
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3.26.15 Tales Alumn Graham Reznick (“The Grandfather”) wraps his Tale at DPS STudio in Hollywood with thespians Sophia Takel (V/H/S, WILD CANARIES), Lawrence Levine (V/H/S/2, WILD CANARIES), and Kersten Haile (5 STATES OF FEAR)


March 24, 2015
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Fessenden joins luminaries for FANGORIA signing event 4.2.15


Tom Savini joins legendary FAMOUS MONSTERS cover artist Basil Gogos; Larry Fessenden (director of THE LAST WINTER, HABIT, WENDIGO); Debbie Rochon (actress, Rondo-nominated Fango columnist and former host of Sirius’ much-missed FANGORIA RADIO); and screenwriter and playwright Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (CARRIE and THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN, SPIDER-MAN: TURN OFF THE DARK and upcoming AMERICAN PSYCHO on Broadway) and  staffers Timpone, Thomas DeFeo, Michael Gingold, W.R. Mohalley and Ken Hanley to celebrate the release of FANGORIA: COVER TO COVER. Event takes place at NYC’s own Forbidden Planet on 2 April 2015 at 6PM.

March 23, 2015
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Fessenden unleashes Death Reel on his Birthday

Thanks to the well-wishers on twitter and beyond. I thought you might enjoy this little death reel
I threw together; it’s for the fans, but haters should enjoy it too! —LF

March 22, 2015
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3.22.15: FOOD CHAIN, by scribe April Snellings, wraps recording at DigIt Audio, NYC, featuring Jeremy Gardner (THE BATTERY, SPRING), Fessenden, Sean Young (JUG FACE, DARLING), Drew Moerlein (VHS, SOUTH OF HELL), Jason Yachanin (V/H/S, POULTRYGEIST), pictured here with Tales producer Glenn McQuaid and Snellings.


March 21, 2015
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Fessenden wraps stint on Joe Begos flick THE MIND’S EYE

Fessenden joins stellar cast including John Speredakos, Graham Skipper, Lauren Ashley Carter, Jeremy Gardner et al. GEP pals Brian Spears and Peter Gerner provide the effects. 36 day shoot comes to an end on Monday.


Fessenden and Begos

March 19, 2015
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Fessenden has a hand in 4 of 9 Netflix scariest Movies


Glass Eye Pix produced STAKE LAND (Jim Mickle), THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL (Ti West), and THE INNKEEPERS (West) land on Netflix list of 10 Scariest movies on Netflix, along with other faves EVIL DEAD 2, THE HOST and LET THE RIGHT ONE IN. Also included on the list, Glass Eye Pal Adam Wingard’s YOU’RE NEXT, featuring Fessenden as opening kill.

List mysteriously totals only 9 films…

March 19, 2015
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WE ARE STILL HERE Review: “Entertaining Chiller”


“genre fans with a sense of history should make this entertaining chiller a sought-after item for midnight slots, and a welcome pickup for specialty home-format distribbers.”

“A rare horror exercise whose characters are nearly all well into middle age, “We Are Still Here” introduces the Sacchettis as they drive toward their new home in upstate New York in the dead of winter. Both are grieving the recent loss of their only child, Bobby, in a car accident, but hope the move will provide some distance from that tragedy for Anne (Barbara Crampton, “Re-Animator”) in particular, who’s clearly suffering from major depression. To the dismay of her husband, Paul (Andrew Sensenig), however, she immediately claims to feel Bobby’s “presence” in their new digs.”

more from Dennis Harvey’s Review at Variety.

March 17, 2015
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POD Review: “A Manic Ordeal”

“Like his debut feature, the straightforward-yet-mega stylized Ritual, Mickey Keating’s Pod is mostly an overnighter. The young, excitable director injects energy into his movies, clearly interested in the propulsive snowball of an extreme situation that only grows more so. Riffing on another classical genre style, Pod switches out Ritual’s desert motel dilemma for the frozen Northeast and paranoid sci-fi horror to unfold like a 75-minute argument. The kind that you’re afraid won’t end unless someone dies. They do.

Pod strobes and smash cuts and pushes in on TVs, both escalating the sense of unease and discomfort, but also enjoying the ways it creates such atmosphere as only film can. Ritual had a similar preoccupation, with the viewer and the film itself aware the characters are increasingly in a situation purely from movieland. Later in Pod, a third act entrance from indie horror legend Larry Fessenden—draped in trenchcoat and fog—only pushes Pod’s movie-ness.”

more from Sam Zimmerman’s review at Shock Til You Drop

March 16, 2015
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The reviews are coming in for WE ARE STILL HERE, directed by GEP pal Ted Geoghegan, starring Barbara Crampton and Andrew Sensenig and featuring Lisa Marie, Fessenden, and Monte Markham!

“Geoghegan lets loose and delivers a satisfying and chilling climax
while balancing the gore and tension nicely.

…Crampton and Sensenig make for a believable couple.
They’re both wounded and dealing with it in different ways.
…As always, Larry Fessenden delivers a rock solid performance with finely tuned comedic beats.”

“Geoghegan establishes what seems to be a simple haunted house set-up
but adds complications which make the outcome less predictable…

The pleasantly mature Crampton and Sensenig underplay sensitively, giving a little depth to their plight.
…an afternoon séance raises the wrong ghost, allowing Fessenden
to do an impressive possessed act, and the film starts to take after the gorier efforts of the 1980s”
- Kim Newman,

“We Are Still Here is the first incredibly scary and pure horror film of 2015.
There’s just nothing out there like it, and there hasn’t been in quite some time.
…We all should consider ourselves lucky that Barbara Crampton decided to resume her acting career
because this lady brings a lot to the table that’s been sorely missing.
with solid performances from the always great Larry Fessenden,
the wonderfully odd Lisa Marie, and the ever-frazzled Andrew Sensenig;
and we have a winner here, folks.”

– Steve Barton, DREAD CENTRAL 

“Writer/producer Ted Geoghegan makes an assured directorial debut
with the stylish and mesmerizing WE ARE STILL HERE.
…it’s an absolute pleasure to see Barbara Crampton, Andrew Sensenig, Monte Markham,
and Larry Fessenden deliver note-perfect performances in substantial roles.”
– Peter Martin, TWITCH FILM

“It takes a special film and one that offers something different to the table
to not only revive the interest of the horror viewer, but the subgenre as a whole.
Thankfully, Ted Geoghegan’s WE ARE STILL HERE
is not only that something different that the genre needs,

but is also a wildly original and terrifyingly entertaining ride,
sure to be the most memorable genre film of the year.
…Lisa Marie and Larry Fessenden give two great performances as May and Jacob,
with Fessenden providing one of the scariest scenes in the entire film.”
– Jerry Smith, ICONS OF FRIGHT

“what elevates WE ARE STILL HERE even further is the way it manages,
from first line to very last,
 to imbue its exploration of the outer extremes of darkness and horror
with a real poignancy, heart and humanity.”

– Shawn Macomber, FANGORIA

Really enjoyed ‘s Fulci-inspired chiller WE ARE STILL HERE,
which as a bonus has the best Fessenden performance since HABIT.