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October 25, 2020
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Glenn McQuaid interview with Galen Howard on Instagram

October 23, 2020
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GEP CineZone presents: THE EGG AND THE HATCHET by Chris Skotchdopole

Glass Eye Pix presents THE EGG AND THE HATCHET,
a short film by GEP collaborator Chris Skotchdopole.
Starring Taylor Zaudtke and Jeremy Gardner


Jeremy Gardner first came into the Glass Eye fold when he invited Fessenden to do a voice over for his seminal film THE BATTERY. Fessenden recommended Jeremy for the role in Chris Skotchdopole’s movie.

Taylor Zaudtke was a Glass Eye Pix intern when Chris cast her in the role. This was her first performance. She has since made other films, often starring opposite Jeremy (SADISTIC INTENTIONS, AFTER MIDNIGHT) and now they are engaged to be married!

Chris had produced two music videos for Glass Eye Pix with James Siewert directing. This was the first time James was a DOP for a Glass Eye movie. Siewert would go on to shoot GEP flix LIKE ME and THE RANGER and Skotchdopole and Siewert would both serve as DOPs on Fessenden’s DEPRAVED.

The crew was made up of Glass Eye interns: Ben Duff was Gaffer, his first film gaffing.  This was intern Rigo Garay’s first movie on set as Production Manager. And intern Walter Montiel was an Associate Producer.

The production rolled into the feature shoot for STRAY BULLETS, sharing crew and equipment, the first successful implementation of the idea of the Piggyback film, an old GEP idea from 1989 where a short film could be made with the equipment and manpower already employed for a feature.

THE EGG AND THE HATCHET made the festival round in 2016-17. Since that time, Chris made a big trim to the movie, a tradition at Glass Eye Pix set by Fessenden who often re-cuts his films after they premier (NO TELLING, WENDIGO, HABIT and THE LAST WINTER all got a facelift after their first public screenings. So did THE SHINING by Mr. Kubrick.)

GEP CineZone presents: the world premier of the new edit of THE EGG AND THE HATCHET.

behind the scenes during the shoot

October 23, 2020
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A YEAR AGO: Fessenden interview from Oct 2019

October 21, 2020
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TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE The Podcast — Episode #41 “Dead Man’s Shoes”

Episode #41  DEAD MAN’S SHOES

A struggling novelist takes on translation work
for an elderly aristocrat who wants ‘to put his affairs in order’

writer Ashley Thorpe • director Glenn McQuaid
Featuring: Larry Fessenden, Michael Cerveris
Brenda Cooney, John Speredakos, Tobias Campbell

Music by Dave Eggar, Julian Maile

Performed live October 9, 2012 • Poster by Gary Pullin 

for more TALES physical media, info and Swag, visit

October 21, 2020
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In celebration of Glass Eye Pix DOCUMENTARY FILMS

Along with a fierce dedication to chronicling the creative process
behind most of our feature films in “Behind-the-scenes” and “making of” documentaries,
and in “minidox” that celebrate our collaborators,
Glass Eye Pix has been involved in several documentary features over the years,
exploring identity, culture and religion.


The forthcoming MARKIE IN MILWAUKEE (2019, Matt Kliegman) was assembled from over 10 years of footage to tell the immersive, intimate story of a midwestern transgender woman as she struggles with the pressures of her fundamentalist church, family and community.


BIRTH OF THE LIVING DEAD (2013, Rob Kuhns) is an exploration of the cultural moment in which the seminal zombie film NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD was created, featuring an vibrant and candid interview with creator George Romero and several thoughtful commentators reflecting on the legacy of the film.
“marvelous” — Time Out, NY “critic’s pick” —NYTimes


AMERICAN JESUS (2013, Aram Garriga) Garriga’s ambitious portrait of the diverse expressions of Christianity across American Culture  from Bikers for Christ to Hard-core Christian bands, from mega-church preachers to snake charmers. Featuring profound interviews with scholars, theologians and the hucksters.
“one of the best and most interesting documentaries on religion.”— 


THE GODS OF TIMES SQUARE (1999, Richard Sandler) A personal portrait of the myriad and diverse religious zealots who populated the streets of New York City’s Times Square at the turn of the last century as the area was stripped of porn shops and family owned business to make way for Disney and Corporate America.(watch in full at the link above)
“loopy, engaging” — NYTimes


And perhaps our greatest DOC of all, the grammatically-errantly-titled BAT’S YOUR LEATHERY FRIENDS (2005) Ti West interviews Merlin Tuttle, bat advocate and founder of Bat Conservation International, in order to dispel misconceptions about our leathery friends stemming from movies like West’s THE ROOST. A Glass Eye Pix production. (watch in full at the link above)


October 20, 2020
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2 weeks before the U.S. election,
Fessenden’s political project DISCONNEX.COM
presents a 15 minute conversation
with actor, citizen and GEP pal RON PERLMAN
Perlman Zooms from a Toronto Hotel on his last day of quarantine
before resuming work on Guillermo del Toro’s remake of NIGHTMARE ALLEY, September 29, 2020.

Watch Ron’s previous interview from July 30, 2017.

October 19, 2020
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MiniDOC Monday: Jenn Wexler

MiniDOC Monday: Producer Edition wraps with the Minidoc of Jenn Wexler,
director of THE RANGER and producer on multiple Glass Eye flix and ventures.
October 19, 2020
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MiniDOC Monday: Brent Kunkle

In celebration of the Producers of GEP, revisit the MiniDOC of Brent Kunkle,
producer and office manager from 2007 to 2014. 
October 19, 2020
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MiniDOC Monday: Peter Phok

The 35th Anniversary celebration continues, as we highlight the producers of Glass Eye Pix.
Get to know longtime GEP producer and collaborator Peter Phok, in this GEP MiniDOC.
October 19, 2020
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Blast from the past dept: Glass Eye Pix profile in FILMMAKER MAG, FALL 2009

 Glass Eye Pix producers Brent Kunkle and Peter Phok with Fessenden | photo: Nelson Bakerman


With Ti West’s The House of the Devil hitting theaters, Larry Fessenden’s Glass Eye Pix has become one of the most active independent production companies around.

By Lauren Wissot, Fall 2009

… The company has produced or co-produced around 30 titles going back to the mid ’80s, but let’s just take a look at some of the most recent. Reichardt’s Wendy and Lucywas released in the spring on DVD by Oscilloscope following a healthy theatrical run. Glenn McQuaid’s period horror film I Sell the Dead was released in August by IFC following a Slamdance premiere where it won the Cinematography prize and an acting prize for Fessenden. This fall brings the Magnolia Pictures release of West’s The House of the Devil, a period 1970s-styled shocker that plays as a cross between Rosemary’s Baby and When a Stranger Calls. (West has been in the Glass Eye Pix fold for almost a decade, having directed The Roost and Trigger Man for the company. The high-six-figure budget of The House of the Devil was financed by home-video distributor MPI, with whom Glass Eye Pix subsequently signed a three-picture deal.) James Felix McKenny’s Satan Hates You is heading out on the festival circuit while Glass Eye Pix preps his next film, Hypothermia. Jim Mickle’s Stake Land is currently in production through the MPI deal while James LeGros and Joshua Leonard star in Bitter Feast, a thriller that marks director Joe Maggio’s first foray into genre filmmaking. And these are just from 2009.

Read full article archived here