ABC’s Of Death 2: N for Nexus

Dir. Larry Fessenden (2014 Short )

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On Halloween in NYC, a man hurries to meet his girlfriend for a costume party while a cabbie speeds through the street with his attention on the missing letter of his crossword puzzle.


Stuart Gordon

“N is for Nexus” directed by Larry Fessenden

This story, set on Halloween in New York City, builds up quite a head of steam in its short running time. Mr. Fessenden again proves himself to be one of our best working horror directors by delivering the most suspenseful and effectively disturbing episode in this series.”

The Austin Chronicle

Richard Whittaker

There’s one question about Larry Fessenden directing a segment for a Fantastic Fest-related anthology: What took so long?

Dread Central

Brad McHargue

“Standouts among the pack include Larry Fessenden’s “N is for Nexus,” 

which finds a calamity befall a group of people at an intersection…”

Michael Vincent – The Monster

Lauren Molina – Lauren

Aaron Beall – Cab Driver

Hanna Cheek – Blair

Voltaire – Goth Dad

JT Petty – Parent

Sarah Langan – Gal Coming From Subway

Jack Fessenden – Home Invader

Lexington Kennedy – Skeleton