From Movie Web:

Supermassive Games are known for developing games that focus on a deep narrative, in which the player is able to change along the way. However, the most popular and recognizable instance of this is the interactive drama-horror, Until Dawn. The cast of characters is trapped at an isolated cabin spot, where they must survive until they are rescued at dawn. The game has a lot of scares, but the basis is pretty simple and similar to most slasher films. There is a big scary guy following them around, and traps set all over Blackwood Mountain, where they were staying and hoping to have a good time.

Until Dawn is not to just be taken at surface level, because there are a lot of twists and turns to the story, and shocking revelations to be made. When the player discovers the truth about what is happening, the game almost swaps horror genres entirely to provide some less-than-human spooks, and that is part of what makes this title feel so special. While it would not be the most innovative horror movie of all time, it has a good enough narrative to be compelling in the format, and there is not always a need to reinvent the wheel.

Someone good at creating suspense and a large group of interesting characters is Mike Flanagan, who can be credited for the Haunting anthology series and Midnight Mass. Flanagan has shown a distaste for jump scares (outside of breaking a record revolving around them), so it would be interesting to see Until Dawn adapted in a way that deviates from video game clichés, and displays it as a more serious title. Until Dawn also has a prequel called The Inpatient, which would be a no-brainer addition to the horror franchise if it were to ever be brought to cinema.