GRAY MATTER, directed by Red Clark, is a short film adaptation based on a story by Stephen King from the collection “NIGHT SHIFT” It takes place during the haze and howl of a deadly blizzard. A group of locals at a liquor store brave the storm to check on Richie (Larry Fessenden) a regular customer who hasn’t left his house in months and – according to his terrified son – has been slowly “changing shape”. What waits for them in the house, in the dark, is beyond their wildest nightmares.



From the director:

“GRAY MATTER is really a passion project and a love letter to old school monster movies and practical effects.  I’m hoping to capture the haunted house style of King’s early short story writing.  I was lucky enough to get the extremely generous Larry Fessenden involved, who is one of the kindest, most supportive dudes ever to independent film makers.  Larry continues to be an inspirational storyteller, performer and just a genuinely nice guy.  The poster was brought to life by the amazingly talented The Dude Designs (Innkeepers, Hobo with a Shotgun) with a style that recalls a time not long ago when the cover art was KING – the days when that VHS box peeked out at you off the shelf of your local dive video chain…it didn’t matter that you’d never heard of the film, you saw that cover and just had to add it to the pile.  The creatures and special fx were all done old school.  Animatronics, puppets, matte paintings & lots of blood.  I really hope King fans will dig GRAY MATTER, it was a blast to make.”  – Red


“a little GRAY, grows a long way…”

Director: Red Clark
DP: Mike Bove
Producer: Ross Gerbasi

Larry Fessenden
Aaron Christensen
Scott Lynch-Giddings
Steve Herson
Kenneth Martin