Rue-Morgue chats with GEP pal James Felix McKenney (HYPOTHERMIA, SATAN HATES YOU) on Glass Eye Pix, AUTOMATONS at MoMA and the making of his newest sci-fi feature, WRACK, available on Blu-Ray and VOD tomorrow!

From RUE MORGUE: Multi-faceted film director, comic book author, and toy craftsman James Felix McKenney began auspiciously as part of the talented outfit at Larry Fessenden’s Glass Eye Pix, lending his ingenuity to a variety of low-budget horror and sci-fi projects. His early features, the eccentric supernatural film The Off Season (2004), and blood-soaked satire Canniballistic! (2002), heralded a talent with his sights set on idiosyncratic and biting work in the genre.

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