September 5, 2022
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Exclusive Rue Morgue interview with GEP pal James Felix McKenney

Rue-Morgue chats with GEP pal James Felix McKenney (HYPOTHERMIA, SATAN HATES YOU) on Glass Eye Pix, AUTOMATONS at MoMA and the making of his newest sci-fi feature, WRACK, available on Blu-Ray and VOD tomorrow!

From RUE MORGUE: Multi-faceted film director, comic book author, and toy craftsman James Felix McKenney began auspiciously as part of the talented outfit at Larry Fessenden’s Glass Eye Pix, lending his ingenuity to a variety of low-budget horror and sci-fi projects. His early features, the eccentric supernatural film The Off Season (2004), and blood-soaked satire Canniballistic! (2002), heralded a talent with his sights set on idiosyncratic and biting work in the genre.

Read Full Interview HERE

January 12, 2016
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James Felix McKenney on Angus Scrimm

GEP pal James Felix McKenney pens a moving dedication to his friend and longtime collaborator Angus Scrimm for indiewire.

My first conversation with Angus was in early 2003 when I offered him a role in our film, “The Off Season.” The part was that of an eccentric chain-smoking neighbor. He called me to tell me how much he enjoyed the script, but that he had to turn down the part because he had lost so many friends to smoking-related illnesses. When I told him that I’d happily make the character a non-smoker, he was astonished. “You would do that? For me?” he said. I told him that I would do just about anything to cast him in the role. “Well then, how can I refuse?” he responded.

Read on for the whole, wonderful piece.

December 11, 2015
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Blumhouse tags McKenney Mini Doc


From Blumhouse:

Glass Eye Pix Gets Real with SATAN HATES YOU Director James Felix McKenney
by Gregory Burkart

The folks at indie horror powerhouse Glass Eye Pix continue to celebrate their 30th Anniversary with the next installment in an ongoing series of mini-documentaries on the company’s many creative collaborators and contributors (if you missed it, be sure to check out this profile of animator Beck Underwood, whose work with creepy dolls and toys will chill and delight you).

Today’s chapter focuses on James Felix McKenney — a man who has donned many horror hats over the past three decades: he’s the man behind cult horror projects AUTOMATONS, HYPOTHERMIA and SATAN HATES YOU; he founded his own production company Monsterpants Movies; and he was the very first full-time employee of Glass Eye Pix founder (and beloved genre icon) Larry Fessenden (HABIT, THE LAST WINTER). He’s since become manager on several of their projects, including the current season of the hit horror radio show TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE.

Watch the mini-doc below and find out what horrific mischief he’s up to now!


December 9, 2015
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New 30th Anniversary mini-Doc: James Felix McKenney, long-time GEP collaborator

Our 30th Anniversary Hootenanny continues with this series of Legacy Docs celebrating the community and collaborators that have kept us honest all these years…

Chris Skotchdopole edits this interview by Fessenden of Glass Eye Pix with writer, director, producer and special projects instigator James Felix Mckenney, aka Monsterpants.


September 8, 2015
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Lovechild Pictures to Re-Release AUTOMATONS on VHS

Lovechild Pictures is set to re-release James Felix McKenney’s AUTOMATONS as a special-edition, limited print run VHS. Copies go on sale on October 15th, but if you stop by the Glass Eye Pix booth at New York Comic Con, you’ll have a chance to snatch up an early copy.



From the press release:

Newly established niche distribution label Lovechild Pictures is proud to announce its first in a series of artisanal VHS releases; James Felix McKenney’s dystopian sci-fi opus, AUTOMATONS.

Set in the distant future following an all-out robot genocide, AUTOMATONS follows a lone female survivor, sparring on against all odds with the aid of her mechanical companions.

Lensed in gritty black & white Super 8mm, Lovechild Pictures’ analog presentation enhances the experience of this nostalgia-inspired horror epic, best described as ROBOT MONSTER meets ERASERHEAD.

Produced by Larry Fessenden’s Glass Eye Pix and McKenney’s MonsterPants Movies, AUTOMATONS stars newcomer Christine Spencer (SATAN HATES YOU), Brenda Cooney (I SELL THE DEAD) and genre icon Angus Scrimm (the PHANTASM series). Also featured are Don Wood (COLONIAL HOUSE, HYPOTHERMIA), John Anthony Blake (DOCTOR WHO, PSYCHOMANIA) and Executive Producer Larry Fessenden (HABIT, THE LAST WINTER).

Packed to the brim with bonus content and an original making-of interview zine with director James Felix McKenney, Lovechild Pictures’ AUTOMATONS tape will be available for online purchase October 15th, signed and limited to 50 copies. NYC Comic Con attendees receive an advance opportunity to grab a copy at the Glass Eye Pix booth, where 20 of the tapes will be for sale, limited to one per customer.

“Automatons is bound for cult status and should be dug up in ten years and viewed again — that is, if humanity is still around” – RUE MORGUE

“The movie’s loving attention to light and shade transcends its hermetic setting and meager budget. At times the buzzing static and fizzy backlighting recall the glistening surrealism of the filmmaker Guy Maddin… enormously endearing” – NEW YORK TIMES

“Robot radness achieved! Budgets are for bitches.” – VILLAGE VOICE

Inspired by late-night cable broadcasts of yesteryear’s horrors, Automatons spins a fever-dream nightmarescape that must be seen to be believed.

November 16, 2014
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On Friday night, the great Angus Scrimm was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award, and saluted by Fessenden and James Felix McKenney, at the 13th edition of the New York City Horror Film Festival, taking place at Tribeca Cinemas.




November 20, 2013
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AUTOMATONS Featured in Music Video

King Chaos premiers a new music video featuring AUTOMATONS, directed by James Felix McKenney.
Read more and rock on >>