From Fessenden: “I love the idea of improv animation, a kind of run and gun immersion where you are discovering the shots and story as you go and animating in the moment. I knew I had a play on words with my Creepy Christmas prompt SLEIGH, so I wanted a tone that oscillated between menace and merriment, which I guess is how I experience reality anyway. I conceived of a mischievous elf who was either building a sleigh or plotting a murder. I bought a snap-together Lego Star Wars figure and molded the elf-flesh on top and then I sewed his groovy elf-threads. All the other cast members were plucked off the shelves in my lair. What an opportunity to see all these iconic characters in a movie together. Much appreciation to all the artisans who designed the fabulous creatures that haunt and inspire me. Thanks to Will Bates for the music. Thanks most of all to Beck for giving me this assignment and for offering to help and for letting me say “no I want to do it on my own.” 

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