August 21, 2019
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WE ARE STILL HERE unspools tonight at Rockbar NYC!

WE ARE STILL HERE unspools tonight at Rockbar NYC
with director Ted Geoghegan in attendance.

Starring Barbara Crampton, Andrew Sensenig, 
Lisa Marie and Larry Fessenden.

October 16, 2017
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GQ: We Are Still Here “the Most Pissed Off Ghosts You’ll See on Netflix”

From GQ:

Sometimes it seems like the lesson of horror films is a simple one: never buy a house. Yes, you can get a good mortgage rate right now, but there’s no tax deduction for vengeful spirits. The bigger the house and the better the deal, the more likely there are ghosts in the walls, demons in the attic, or zombies buried in the basement. The 2015 creeper We Are Still Here is another real estate lesson, and a particularly bloody one. This excellent Halloween season film is a taut 84-minute screamfest that combines haunted house atmosphere with grindhouse gore. And it’s currently streaming on Netflix.

Read the full article…

January 6, 2016
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WE ARE STILL HERE Nabs 8 2015 Fright Meter Award Nominations: Fessenden Nominated for supporting thesp.

WE ARE STILL HERE garners eight different nominations for the 2015 Fright Meter Awards! Fessenden Nominated for Best Supporting actor:


From Slasher Studios:

The 2015 Fright Meter Award nominations have been revealed and It Follows, Spring, and We Are Still Here lead the 2015 nominations with seven each, including Best Director and Best Actress.

The Fright Meter Awards have been presented annually since 2007 by the Fright Meter Awards Committee, a registered non profit organization dedicated solely to honoring the best in horror each year. Nominees and winners are determined by the committee, which consists of horror bloggers, actors, directors, producers, and others involved in the industry.

December 28, 2015
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YEAR-END SHOUT-OUTS and BEST OF’S for Fessenden and GEP

2015 was a busy year for Fessenden, Glass Eye Pix and all our assorted GEP Pals. Here are some year-end showings on various Best-Of 2015 lists….

THE FESSENDEN COLLECTION Blu-ray Box set of 4 Fessenden Films

Bloody-Disgusting: BEST BLU-RAY COLLECTIONS OF 2015
“Scream Factory had an incredibly impressive year, both on their own and from their partnership with IFC. Through all those great releases one truly stood out for me and that was The Larry Fessenden Collection (my review).”

“The Larry Fessenden Collection” (Scream! Factory/IFC/Glass Eye Pix): One of the best arguments for the continued existence of physical media is this box set spotlighting the work of one of America’s most original horror auteurs. Fessenden has quietly put together a body of features, shorts and experiments that make more sense when they’re gathered all in one place than when they’re scattered.”

TALES SEASON 3 by Fessenden and Glenn McQuaid / A Glass Eye Pix Production

“Larry Fessenden lives and breathes horror. Besides writing and directing a box-set worth of his own indie scare fare, he’s also acted in any number of fright flicks, mentored young horror mavericks like Jim Mickle and Ti West, and worked on the screenplay for this year’s slasher-movie-inspired video game, Until Dawn. One of his most interesting contributions to the genre, however, is the horror podcast Tales From Beyond The Pale, whose third season premiered on Black Friday. Produced and developed by Fessenden with regular collaborator Glenn McQuaid, the series resurrects the radio drama of early last century: Each episode is a one-act horror play, gamely performed by voice talent both recognizable and not, and written/directed by various artists of the genre, with Fessenden dropping in before and after to play old-school host. The content varies in quality, but especially in tone: Some episodes aspire to the creaky theatrical style of an old Boris Karloff segment, while others are distinctly modern in adult subject matter and language. What links them all, beyond uniformly excellent sound design, is an earnest interest in using pure audio techniques—foley effects, dialogue, creepy music—to elicit unease and create a whole world within listeners’ ears. The best of the bunch, such as season one’s unnerving surgery story “The Conformation,” serve as good reminders that what you can hear and imagine is sometimes much scarier than what you can see. It’s not surprising that Fessenden, a one-man champion of all things frightening, would understand that better than most. [A.A. Dowd]”

DARLING by Mickey Keating / A Glass Eye Pix Production

“#1 DARLING is in no way for everyone, that’s one thing I’ll get out of the way when talking about the film that is easily my favorite film of the entire year and in all actuality, my favorite film in quite a few years. It’s a complete descent into madness, told through flashing lights, long moments without dialogue and a Polanski-heavy vibe that is sure to turn some genre fans off. With all of that being said though, it’s also very simply, a film so close to being a perfect piece of cinema that it feels like an important thing, watching it.”

WE ARE STILL HERE by Ted Geoghegan, featuring Fessenden

Rolling Stone: 10 Best horror movies of 2015
“A peculiar New England terror with Lucio Fulci in its veins, Ted Geoghegan’s wintry haunted-house film defies the tired affectations of the standard ghost story. Its isolated pair of couples are melancholy, middle-aged, and terribly offbeat (see: the possession of Larry Fessenden and the space case of Lisa Marie). The specters on hand are as likely to thrust charred hands through a body, as they are to ominously lurk. And it’s all tied to a Lovecraftian home, a beast of a structure whose walls are the canvas for one of 2015s finest splatter-filled finales. SZ”

UNTIL DAWN, writers Graham Reznick and Fessenden / Sony Playstation

Engadget: These are our favorite video games of 2015
“Supermassive Games’ PlayStation 4 debut is unlike any big-budget game I’ve played in ages. Rather than sticking a gun in my hand, it sat me down in a director’s chair and essentially told me to craft my own horror movie. It could’ve been disastrous, but Supermassive intrinsically gets what makes for a good horror flick: the unknown, atmosphere, killer writing, and great performances from (mostly) unknown actors.”


October 12, 2015
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Comic Con 2015 Recap!

Glass Eye Pix braved the masses again this year for New York Comic Con 2015. Check out our photos from the event right here!

October 6, 2015
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WE ARE STILL HERE on DVD and Blu-Ray Today

WE ARE STILL HERE, directed by Ted Geoghegan and starring Barbara Crampton, Andrew Sensenig, Fessenden, Lisa Marie, and Monte Markham, hits DVD and Blu-Ray shelves today.


Available online and in stores, with the DVD available at Walmart and Target, the Blu-ray at Best Buy, or both at FYE stores!

September 9, 2015
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Fessenden interview in The UK’s SCIFINOW

Appearing in three films at London’s Fright Fest, Mickey Keating’s POD, Ted Geogehan’s WE ARE STILL HERE and BODY by Dan Burk and Robert Olsen, Scifinow took notice and posts this extensive interview with Fessenden.


It’s a bastard genre and I stand by it. I think the world is a frightening place and people should be shocked out of their complacency. Now the irony is, I don’t know that everybody thinks of horror that way, but I think of it as a confrontational genre, a way to scream from the rafters, ‘Look at humanity, it needs fixing, it’s a mess, look at how we treat each other.’ So I use it as a punishing genre! [laughs]

I love it, and I also love the aesthetic of horror, the creepy, the cobwebby cellars and corridors, I like the darkness and I like the night and a big full moon and a creaking tree. So these are actually purely aesthetic things and you can almost not quite put your finger on why you’re like that. I think it’s literally psychology or something dreadful happened when I was a kid that I don’t remember [laughs].

But at the same time I do resent not being taken seriously as a filmmaker because you’re involved in the genre. I think that’s just an oversight of the culture and so it will be. People actually are afraid of death and they’re a little wary of people who are constantly harping about death [laughs]! So you’re a little bit like the weird guy in the room, let’s face it, and that’s like being a punk rocker, it makes me feel OK, I don’t mind. I don’t know that the pristine glowing happy smiling society is particularly accurate to our experience in life so I’d rather call it like it is: a bit of a scary place.

read the full article at scifinow

August 26, 2015
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In Other News…


WE ARE STILL HERE, Ted Geoghegan’s terrifying ghost flick starring Barbara Crampton, Andrew Sensenig, and featuring Fessenden, gets a Blu-Ray release date! On October 6th, 2015, you can bring home this wonderfully creepy movie! Preorders are up on Amazon.


And GEP pal Joe Begos’ bloody psychokinetic thriller THE MIND’S EYE will premiere at Midnight Madness of the Toronto International Film Festival! The festival page succinctly sums up the movie as “A drifter with psychic powers takes on an evil doctor and his crew of telekinetic assassins.” Starring Graham Skipper, Lauren Ashley Carter, John Speredakos, and Fessenden!

June 5, 2015
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WE ARE STILL HERE is here: Opens today in select Theaters and VOD

“Why can’t Fessenden be in every movie? He’s channeling his best Nicholson here, complete with crazy eyes and electrified hair. Add the barren winter landscape to the mix and you’ve got a definite Shining vibe.”
— J.R. Kinnard, Sound on Sight

Screen shot 2015-06-05 at 10.26.18 AM



June 5, 2015
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NYT: In ‘We Are Still Here,’ Ghostly Inhabitants Can Be the Toughest to Evict


“The Sacchettis’ friend May (Lisa Marie, of “Ed Wood” and “Mars Attacks”), who dabbles in the paranormal, comes to investigate Anne’s hopeful sense that Bobby’s spirit is in the house.

Some of the scariest and funniest bits come from May’s husband, Jacob, the veteran horror actor Larry Fessenden (director of “Wendigo”), who reaches back to “The Shining” and Jack Nicholson’s crazy eyes, and draws on the archetypal genre battle for a human soul, “The Exorcist,” as he wrestles with a demon. (He loses and has to swallow a nasty-looking gym sock.)”

Read Full review in the New York Times