April 3, 2015
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EW has Exciting News from the Stanley Film Festival

Entertainment Weekly has the scoop on another awesome addition to the Stanley Film Festival.

” It was announced today that the Stanley Film Festival—which takes place at the hotel from April 30 to May 3—will be paying tribute to Re-Animator director Stuart Gordon as its 2015 “Master of Horror” and will screen his 1985 cult classic. Gordon is to be presented the award by filmmaker Mick Garris, director of several King adaptations, including a 1997 mini-series version of the novelist’s famed haunted hotel book.”

And remember, “Fessenden is also one of the guests appearing at the festival and will be overseeing a special “Stanley Edition” of his Tales From Beyond The Pale audio serial in cahoots with regular collaborator Glenn McQuaid.”

Add to all that screenings of We Are Still Here, the Elijah Wood-produced The Boy, and Deathgasm, and it all makes for a pretty awesome time at the Stanley!


November 4, 2014
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Stuart Gordon on his favorite ABCs OF DEATH 2 segments

Stuart Gordon lists Fessenden’s “N is for Nexus” as one of his top ABCs OF DEATH 2 segments. From TheTalkhouse.com:

“N is for Nexus” directed by Larry Fessenden
This story, set on Halloween in New York City, builds up quite a head of steam in its short running time. Mr. Fessenden again proves himself to be one of our best working horror directors by delivering the most suspenseful and effectively disturbing episode in this series.”

Check out the full article here.