November 13, 2015
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UNTIL DAWN: RUSH OF BLOOD Will be a Standalone VR Game

Supermassive Games, the makers of the Fessenden and Graham Reznick-scribed PS4 game UNTIL DAWN, have just announced that a new game, UNTIL DAWN: RUSH OF BLOOD will hit in 2016 as a Virtual Reality game.


Will you be able to keep everyone alive… again?

Read on for the full report.

September 24, 2015
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UNTIL DAWN Gets the Honest Trailer Treatment

We’re not above a good skewering! UNTIL DAWN got the Honest Trailer treatment, check it out for the (mildly spoiler-y) rundown of what the PS4 game’s all about.

“Where there are no bad decisions, only really bad decisions!”

September 19, 2015
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The Creators Project Interviewed Fessenden on the 10,000 Page UNTIL DAWN Script

Vice’s The Creators Project just spoke with Fessenden about the history behind and process of co-writing (with GEP pal Graham Reznick) a 10,000 page script for the PS4 game UNTIL DAWN.

From the interview on The Creators Project:

So, how long is the script for Until Dawn? “There’s an Easter Egg in the game that’s called ‘1000 pages’ and Graham and I were laughing about that, because all in all it ended up being around 10,000 pages that we wrote. That number’s derived from the fact that we wrote the game twice, once for Playstation 3, and once for Playstation 4.”


Read on for the full conversation.

September 1, 2015
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Tribeca Film Reviews UNTIL DAWN and Speaks with Co-Writer Graham Reznick

Matt Barone, writing for Tribeca Film, spoke at length with Graham Reznick about UNTIL DAWN, the PS4 Horror Video Game written by Reznick and Fessenden.


Until Dawn gives you a very stereotypical approach and very stereotypical characters and has them do the things you’re familiar with, but then it puts you in control,” says Reznick. “Our players are given a certain amount of control over the characters, which allows you to take a stereotypical character and mold them into something that’s more reflective of you, the person who’s playing. That immediately raises the stakes and makes things scarier, because you’re truly invested in the characters. With each move and decision they make, the game’s characters start to resemble aspects of the player’s own personality.”

Read on for the full review and conversation with Graham Reznick.

August 25, 2015
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UNTIL DAWN Available TODAY! Read the Engadget Review

Engadget just posted a great write-up on UNTIL DAWN. Copies are on sale TODAY, August 25th, 2015!


From the review:

That Until Dawn feels like an awesome indie fright-fest rather than late-night Netflix stoner fare, like Zombeavers, is because it was written by Larry Fessenden and Graham Reznick, a pair of Hollywood scribes whose resumes read like contemporary horror’s greatest hits. In fact, the movie-poster-adorned walls of Dawn’s ski-lodge home theatre highlight the writers’ past IMDb credits: The InnkeepersThe House of the Devil and Stake Land. It’s a knowing wink to horror fans. Without the duo’s guidance, it’s possible Dawn could’ve devolved into a cheesy trope-fest.

Until Dawn feels like an awesome indie fright-fest rather than late-night Netflix stoner fare

It’s clear Fessenden and Reznick have the utmost respect for horror and they gleefully play with how well-tread genre archetypes generally work. There’s a scene where a jock and the “hottest girl in high school” slink away to a secluded spot to have sex, because that’s what happens in horror films. However, lines like, “It’s so cold in here my tongue would get stuck to your flagpole,” make the clichéd situation feel fresh, and most importantly funny. Dawn expertly balances between a genuine atmosphere of suspense and humor because a player can only take so much interactive stress before calling it quits.

August 20, 2015
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MCV Tells the Story of UNTIL DAWN

MCV tells an awesome story about the founding of the upcoming PS4 exclusive game UNTIL DAWN, as well as thoughts and quotes from the makers of the game!


Read on for MCV’s entire story!

August 20, 2015
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Check Out 20 Minutes of Gameplay Footage from UNTIL DAWN

Playstation Underground has just released a whopping 20 minutes of new footage for the upcoming PS4 exclusive game UNTIL DAWN. Written by Fessenden and Graham Reznick, the game offers tons of choices, splintering paths, and a butterfly effect to every decision you make as a player.

Read on to see all the gameplay footage, and be sure to grab your copy of UNTIL DAWN when it hits stores this TUESDAY, AUGUST 25th!

June 22, 2015
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New Game Network Previewed UNTIL DAWN at E3!

Gaming website New Game Network just wrote a nice long piece about their time playing UNTIL DAWN at E3. UNTIL DAWN, written by Fessenden and Graham Reznick, hits game store shelves on August 25th.

Here’s the run down (kind of spoiler-y), written by Alex V, over on New Game Network:

Despite being first announced a few years ago, it would be a while until we heard about Until Dawn again. The PlayStation 4 exclusive horror title was first planned for PS3 release with motion controls at the core, but has since re-emerged as a more focused and perhaps serious title. Motion controls are still an option, but the game defaults to the classic button layout. We had a chance to play through a short section of the game at E3 2015.


Before starting, the game showed off a recap of events based on simulated choices a player would have made thus far. We observed a group of college friends arriving at a ski lodge for a getaway vacation, without a care in the world. Unfortunately, they soon realized that there’s a serial killer on the loose in the area, and things don’t go well for their friends. There’s also some relationship drama that occurs within the group, in a classic teen horror film style. We pick up on the plot of Matt and Emily as they meet two survivors of the serial killer. Shocked, they decide the best course of action is to reach a nearby forest guard tower and radio for help.

They lose their way and somehow end up on a cliff. No problem – except they are suddenly surrounded by angry looking group of deer. As Emily begins to freak out, playing as Matt we get a dialog option to either insult her fear or comfort her. The choices that players make in conversation will decide their relationships with others, and maybe even their fate. As we cautiously began to move forward, most of the deer gave way, but one stood firm in the path. At this point, a prompt to attack appeared. Not knowing any better, we decided to take the hatchet to the deer’s neck. This freaked out the animals, and they pushed forward. Matt had to step back – and lost his footing. He grabbed on to the edge below the cliff, and we had to follow a series of QTE inputs in order to climb out. The inputs left surprisingly little time, perhaps giving an indication that this won’t be a forgiving story.

Indeed, given that almost all characters can die, and with a multitude of story and sequence branches, there will be a lot of replay value in Until Dawn. Looking over at other demo stations, we saw some players ignore the available prompt to attack the deer – and they passed safely through. Doing nothing is an option, and sometimes a good one, giving players another layer of choice. The developers call these branching story lines the Butterfly Effect, where presumably almost any action can have far reaching consequences.

Having made it back to the cliff, the deer have seemingly left, so we carried on to the guard tower. At this point the control switched to Emily, and we walked up the snowy road, using the left stick to move our flashlight around the environment. We found a totem on the side of the road, and upon inspecting it (holding R2 to pick up, using the stick to rotate) we got a vision of a character death. It didn’t amount to anything in the scope of the demo, but it”s likely these items can foreshadow possible events. The final game will jump between the story threads of different characters and attempt to link them together at one point or another.


After walking up the steps and climbing a series of ladders to the guard tower, we found it to be without power. We had to guide Emily to the outside catwalk of the tower and flip the generator. Back indoors, there were a few interactable objects. A printer and a locker contained posters of missing students, said to be mysteriously gone over the past few weeks. But the goal here was to call for help, so we used the radio and actually got someone on the air.

Once again, with the signal being poor and the man on the other end acting rude and unsympathetic to our panicking heroes, we had a few conversation choices. Keep Emily calmly answering basic questions, or losing it and yelling for immediate help. Despite picking a calm approach, the man on the other side of the radio wasn’t much help. Suddenly, there was a noise outside, and a cutscene showed someone cutting the supporting cables of the tower.

It wasn’t long before the whole thing started to collapse. The two characters tried to hang on for dear life, but for a few moments all seemed to be lost. When the dust finally settled, we were in control of Matt again. He managed to reach the top of the tower and could see a safe ledge he could reach. Suddenly, he heard Emily cry for help – she was helplessly hanging on some railings below, above what appeared to be a deep cavern.

We had a few conversation choices again – keep Emily calm or just tell her to stop freaking out. At one point, we even had an opportunity to bring up earlier relationship drama that we learned about from the introductory recap. It would have been cheesy, but at least the option is there and some players would agree it perfectly fits the teen horror movie dialog cliches. But the most important choice came minutes later – try to save Emily or simply jump to safety. Given how very far down she was from Matt, it seemed a better option to leave her… so we did. Matt jumped to safety, and Emily plummeted to her doom. The demo ended.


Again, peeking over to other players, we saw those who saved Emily instead saw a graphic death for Matt. Player choice and consequence is at the heart of Until Dawn, and from what we’ve played in the demo, it seems very competently executed. The atmospheric soundtrack, decent voice acting and good facial animations and level of detail means the game also looks the part. The game was written in collaboration with Larry Fessenden and Graham Reznick, two creators that are well versed in the horror genre. It also stars some Hollywood talent in the form of Hayden Panettiere, Brett Dalton and Rami Malek.

If you enjoy the “choose your own adventure” games with a cinematic focus, this title may very well fit the mold. It feels like a combination of horror, Heavy Rain, and Telltale’s TWD Season 1. And if Until Dawn can actually pull those great inspirations together into a satisfying experience, Sony will have another winner on their hands. Look for Until Dawn exclusively on PlayStation 4 this August.

May 28, 2015
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New UNTIL DAWN Cover Art!

We’re finally getting a look at some awesome box covers for the Fessenden/Graham Reznick scripted PS4 Game, UNTIL DAWN, set to release August 25th. 





As reported by WCCF Tech:

Sony has revealed the European box art for the standard edition, the Extended Edition and the Steelbook Edition, and the North American box art for PS4 exclusive Until Dawn.

The Steelbook Edition and the Extended Edition have been announced only for Europe so far.

Being one of the few exclusives that we know of, to be releasing for the PS4 this year, Until Dawn shouldn’t be missed by fans of the horror genre.

Until Dawn will be launching on August 25 exclusively for the PlayStation 4. With the recent delays of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Ratchet & Clank to 2016, PS4 owners don’t have much else in exclusive titles, so Until Dawn could prove to be the game to fill the need for a unique experience.

Until Dawn features performances from a Hollywood cast including Hayden Panettiere and Peter Stormare. Players’ actions alone decide the outcome of who survives Until Dawn. With an unpredictable and dynamically adaptive story, crafted in consultation with Until Dawn scriptwriters and indie horror authors Larry Fessenden and Graham Reznick, eight friends come together at a remote mountain getaway and embark upon a night of unexpected terror.

Featuring innovative choice mechanics and the Butterfly-Effect Interface, gives players the chance to see the path of their story amid the thousands that are possible. Seemingly insignificant choices as well as huge moral dilemmas that will question your sense of fairness, good and evil, can have major unforeseen consequences.

Using the power of the superior rendering capability of the Killzone Shadowfall Engine, and the power of the PlayStation 4 together with proprietary major enhancements in lighting, camera, and animation systems, Until Dawn brings emotional and credible performances of a talented Hollywood cast to life in its realistically terrifying environments.

E3 2015 is just around the corner though and Sony is said to have a killer line-up of game announcements and reveals, some of which are likely to release within the year.

We will bring you any new information on Until Dawn, E3 2015 and Sony as soon as it becomes available.



February 13, 2015
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Happy Friday the 13th (and 14th…) from GEP

celebrate Friday the 13 and Valentine’s Day at once with this nifty new teaser from our pals at UNTIL DAWN

xoxo Larry & Graham