January 14, 2022
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Screen Rant: JAKOB’S WIFE featured on Top 10 Certified Fresh Horror Movies Of 2021

Now that 2022 is here to bring new fear, the Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer
recalls 2021’s most critically renowned frights.

Stakes are raised when a vampire comes between a bumptious minister and his wife, Anne, who craves an adventurous life outside the dullness of suburbia in this humorous throwback to oldfangled horror cinema. The relationship parable is given a feminist edge due in part to iconic, cult-classic actress Barbara Crampton (Re-AnimatorChopping Mall).

Crampton and co-star Larry Fessenden (HabitWendigo) demonstrate bloody fine chemistry as the couple sorts through their marital issues. Its modern sentimentalism is contrasted with a more traditional vibe in terms of its horror-adjacent aspects. For instance, the ratlike master vampire bears an unmistakable resemblance to Count Orlock from F.W. Murnau’s Nosferatu.

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April 19, 2021
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ComingSoon.Net Interview: Larry Fessenden on Unique Role in Horror Pic JAKOB’S WIFE

From the CS interview:

CS: I was gonna say, that was one thing I talked about a little bit with Barbara as well was that it was a very different role than what we’re used to seeing you in where you’re more rambunctious of sorts, but in this one, you’re a little more timid. You’re a man of the cloth! What was it like exploring this different personality for you?

LF: Well, I like that, you know, I am interested in philosophy and some sort of thoughtful things of how do you get along in life and how are you a good leader, so there’s some sort of aspects of the character that I related to, maybe not religion, but the idea of having responsibility in a community. Then I just think it’s funny to play an uptight, older white guy [laughs] who’s sort of oppressive to his wife, so I was able to access all of my grumpy attitude. It was fun.

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March 11, 2021
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The Austin Chronicle takes a look at the pairing of Barbara Crampton & Fessenden in JAKOB’S WIFE

From The Austin Chronicle: Fessenden is in his own second act of sorts. Initially a writer/director, in recent years he has achieved an almost totemic reputation among indie horror directors (there’s an old joke that killing Fessenden in your movie brings you good luck), but he’s also a generous collaborator behind the camera. Stevens said, “Larry, with what he brings as a filmmaker and his understanding of how to keep people’s spirits up, was just insanely helpful.”

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