July 24, 2020
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GQ: Kelly Reichardt on Making Quiet Art and the Failure of American Individualism

GQ has a talk with GEP pal and collaborator Kelly Reichardt about isolation,
male friendship, and her “chaotic” Miami childhood.

This weekend, watch her newest film FIRST COW. Be sure to revisit OLD JOY,
and RIVER OF GRASS. Streaming on the Criterion Channel. 

Read Full Interview HERE

July 10, 2020
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Kelly Reichardt’s FIRST COW now available on Digital!

FIRST COW, the latest film from Glass Eye collaborator Kelly Reichardt
(RIVER OF GRASS, WENDY & LUCY) is now available on digital today!

Vulture has the scoop

July 9, 2020
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Kelly Reichardt talks FIRST COW, movie making and getting a bovine onto a raft

Reichardt will be taking part in a virtual Q&A on July 9 at 7 p.m.
at the Northwest Film Center and the Seattle International Film Forum.
FIRST COW will be available to watch by video on demand on
July 10 after a lengthy release delay.

The News Tribune: Has there been a film of yours that you didn’t edit for?

Reichardt: Larry Fessenden cut “River of Grass.” In the years where I really couldn’t get a film made, I was just practicing cutting. Larry Fessenden really did teach me how to edit for the most part. Also “Ode” I worked with an editor on. By that point I was sort of starting to find it very frustrating to talk through someone to get to what I wanted. I thought it wasn’t that fun of an experience for either of us. So I decided I should just figure out how to just do it on my own. At that point I was really finding a lot of what was happening in the film in the editing. Like “Night Moves” or even in a lot of cases “First Cow” where one thing dictates what comes next. It’s a different kind of cutting than a film like “Meek’s Cutoff.” We’re certainly following a script and a plan but ultimately there are a lot of small ways that things could go together differently. It’s just nice, after having a collaborative experience with a crew, to get back in a room and have a direct relationship with whatever you just made.