and his experience interning for Glass Eye Pix.

“What got me into filmmaking really was, from a practical standpoint, I was an intern at Glass Eye Pix in 2010. I had thought about making movies before then, but it wasn’t really until I started seeing Glass Eye Pix’s DVDs, and subsequently meeting them, that I was introduced to this new wave of low budget pictures. You could see how they were made, but at the same time they were incredibly engaging, so it wasn’t that they were just cheap. They were incredibly engaging and interesting and unlike anything I had seen, but they seemed possible to make. It was the first time I was introduced to, I guess what you’d call an independent horror scene. That’s really where it began from a practical sense, but I’ve grown up just loving all the classic kid’s movies that most kids my age loved, but in addition to that, horror specifically was always something I gravitated towards.” – Pennycoff

Revisit the 2014 GEP Sizzle Reel, edited by Pennycoff himself.