News-Block has a strange article celebrating Fessenden’s love of monsters that seems to have been translated from another language with malaprops such as calling Until Dawn “Until Sunrise” and Beneath “Under” and No Telling “Do Not Say” Still, weird press is still press!

Not Your Average Monster Movies: Exploring Larry Fessenden’s Many Monsters

by Gail Maddox

Sometimes a monster is just a monster. However, most of the time, the horror genre has a habit of using terrifying creatures to explore all kinds of social, political and even psychological concepts. Over the years, ghouls, ghosts, and ferocious beasts have represented everything from pain to fear of the unknown, adding substance to the ancient scares that afflict us. More recently, there’s an underrated filmmaker who’s made a career out of repurposing and re-signifying classic monsters to tell startlingly human stories, and his name is Larry Fessenden.

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