Larry Fessenden’s Glass Eye Pix, the fiercely independent film company behind THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL, THE COMEDY and TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE, has teamed up with Aphasiafilms, the creative brand of director Graham Reznick (I CAN SEE YOU, THE VIEWER) to launch THE DESIGNER, a new science fiction project to be released in segments over the course of the next year. Written and directed by Reznick, THE DESIGNER will initially be teased out as a series of on-line shorts that will draw the viewer into the mystery of the feature-length narrative. The shorts will then be reconfigured in the feature to reveal the heart of the story.

Graham Reznick has been a member of the Glass Eye Pix stable for nearly a decade, serving as sound designer on all recent projects as well as directing the award winning 3D science fiction short THE VIEWER, the critically praised feature I CAN SEE YOU, the STAKE LAND short THE DAY I TOLD MY BOYFRIEND with Danielle Harris, and the TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE radio play “THE GRANDFATHER,” featuring Angus Scrimm.

THE DESIGNER follows a journalist searching for the mysteriously missing designer of a massively popular new video game. Told through interviews, investigations, and flashbacks featuring both players of the game and its developers, THE DESIGNER explores the dark possibilities of the evolving symbiotic relationship between video games and their players.

Reznick says: “With ubiquitous internet access and networked computers that we can keep in our pocket, we live in a new technological utopia. Technology can do anything for us – but sometimes we have to wonder who the technology is really serving: the users, or the designers.”

Fessenden says: “After developing several film projects with Reznick over the past few years, we got involved with a high-profile video game project (which will be announced in the coming days) and it got our gears turning. We wanted to create a cinematic story that is not only about video games but could be dispersed in a method inspired by the way we interact with video games. The trick is to play with the structural elements of storytelling and dissemination while maintaining a narrative and emotional thread. Graham is the perfect filmmaker for this sort of project, with his passion for science fiction, gaming, film montage and sound design.”

The first segment, THE BUSINESSMAN, has already been completed. It features Larry Fessenden (I SELL THE DEAD, BROKEN FLOWERS) and Helen Rogers (V/H/S).

A teaser for THE BUSINESSMAN and ongoing updates can be found at:

THE DESIGNER logo was designed by Thomas “The Dude Designs” Hodge

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