Dread Central: “Opening Night’s Depraved is quite the coup. What made director Larry Fessenden choose WTF!? to have his World Premiere over other better-known festivals?”

“Larry, first of all, for the little bit I know him, is a beautifully mad man who keeps his filmmaking family and true love for genre close to him. He sensed something last year when [his production] The Ranger was our Closing Night Film. There was a special atmosphere in the air, the audience loved the film, we had a punk band from the film crash the Q and A and we ended up smashing a piñata on the stage… Some form of trust was made then, which is definitely tied into his long-lasting relationship with the IFC Center. He sees What the Fest!? as a place that brings the filmmaker family and love for genre together and wanted to, if one can say so, invest into that. I have an odd feeling he might enjoy giving a middle finger to the system of “premiere at a prestigious festival to be validated as an author.” Plus, we love the film.”

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