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“If you’ve seen Larry Fessenden onscreen, you’ve probably seen him die. “I think people cast you to kill you,” quips one of Killer POV‘s hosts as they interview the indie journeyman, whose influence as a director, actor, writer, and producer (he runs “micro-studio” Glass Eye Pix) has quietly pervaded the modern indie horror scene. In addition to helming cult films like The Wendigo and Habit, Fessenden is responsible for cultivating the careers of young visionaries like Jim Mickle (Stake Land, We Are What We Are) and Ti West (The House Of The Devil, The Innkeepers), who is probably the breakout star of the mumblegore movement. This makes him a perfect fit for Killer POV, an exhaustive, oft-brilliant horror movie podcast that, with every new guest or discussion, weaves together a tapestry of the horror landscape that draws string between trends, innovations, and talent both classic and contemporary. Hosts Elric Kane, Rebekah McKendry, and Rob Galluzzo, all accomplished horror journalists, share a bottomless well of genre knowledge, as does Fessenden, as adaptable on the mic as he is behind the camera. His anecdotes about West’s early career, in particular, are funny, fatherly, and likely to inspire budding horror auteurs everywhere.”

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