Stuart Gordon lists Fessenden’s “N is for Nexus” as one of his top ABCs OF DEATH 2 segments. From

“This is the sequel to The ABCs of Death, in which filmmakers from around the world were encouraged to make short horror films incorporating titles beginning with a particular letter of the alphabet. The directors vary from established pros to first-timers and the results are definitely a mixed bag.

Directing a short film can be even more difficult than making a feature. You don’t have time to ease into your story but instead have to grab the viewer by the throat from the first second and not let go. I must admit that I ended up being pleasantly surprised as nine of the 26 films knocked my socks off. Not a bad average by any means. And as a sampler it’s an excellent way to discover filmmakers whose work you may never have experienced. Here are my favorites:

N is for Nexus” directed by Larry Fessenden
This story, set on Halloween in New York City, builds up quite a head of steam in its short running time. Mr. Fessenden again proves himself to be one of our best working horror directors by delivering the most suspenseful and effectively disturbing episode in this series.”

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