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Illustrated paperbound book

New collection features nonfiction and artwork in the vein of Fessenden’s ‘Wendigo’ cycle.

Indie publisher Fiddleblack is announcing the release of SUDDEN STORM, a paperback volume of essays and art curated by filmmaker and horror aficionado Larry Fessenden, centering on his longtime fascination with the Wendigo of Algonquian lore, which he depicted in his 2001 feature film WENDIGO and several subsequent projects up to the 2015 Sony Playstation video game release UNTIL DAWN, which he co-authored with Graham Reznick.

Fessenden and the contributing writers and artists to SUDDEN STORM examine the Wendigo from several perspectives. The book’s thirteen essays explore the mythology from a crypto-zoological point of view, where it’s been portrayed as a ferocious yeti-like monster, a half man-half stag creature, a troll, or even just the wind itself. The book will also examine the Wendigo’s disturbing true-crime legacy, chronicling historically documented incidents of grizzly cannibalism attributed to the “Wendigo Psychosis”. The concluding essays contemplate the broader metaphors proposed by the mythology about Western expansionism and the resulting devastation to native peoples and the environment.

The collection features artwork by prominent illustrators who bring various iterations of the elusive creature to the page, implicitly posing the question: how do we conceptualize both the malevolent and benevolent aspects of the half-beast entity.

Readers of the book will experience full-color artwork and thoughtful and diverse essays. SUDDEN STORM is a provocative reading experience for fans of Fessenden’s oeuvre, fans of horror in film and fiction, and anyone intrigued with mythology and folklore.



Larry Fessenden
Sheldon Lee Compton
Victoria Nelson
Theodore Roosevelt (historical reprint) Chris Hibbard
Carter Meland
Drew McWeeny
Scott Swan
Nathan Carlson
Kim Newman
Alison Nastasi
Bernice M. Murphy
Robert Leaver
Samuel Zimmerman


Larry Fessenden
Ade Barrett
Donald Caron
Trevor Denham
Betsy Heistand
Graham Humphreys
M. Grant Kellermeyer
Brad Kunkle
Gary Pullin
Brahm Revel
Isabel Samaras
Hugo Silva
Brett Weldele


Fiddleblack is an experimental production company. They release text, audio and video, and focus on atmosphere in art. Fiddleblack began in 2010 as a literary journal, quickly moving into the book publishing world and expanding from there to cover art across all medias. Fiddleblack has worked in the horror genre with many creators, including Thomas Ligotti and Clive Barker.

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