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From Fangoria: Roaming about movie theater lobbies and auditoriums during this festival season, it has been impossible not to encounter a multitude of movie-goers excitedly asking whether or not one has seen The Spine Of Night. Something lights up within them as they liken it to favorite pieces of childhood. The animated feature takes place in a magical world, ancient dark magic has fallen into the wrong hands, and so a band of heroes from across an array of cultures and eras must join together to defeat the evil forces and restore balance in the world. Tolkien fans rejoiced, basking in the quest, and fans of hand-rotoscoped animation (the same technique employed in the 1978 The Lord Of The Rings animated feature), joined in equally celebratory praise. The feature touts an all-star cast, including Lucy Lawless, Patton Oswalt, Joe Manganiello and Larry Fessenden as The Prophet Of Doom. It’s ultra-gory with an array of characters spanning from different fantastical realms, which makes for some really great Halloween costume inspiration here.