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(2003, 53 minutes. with William Stone Mahoney, Sally Conway and David Thornton)
Buck's reflective and somber denouement to the trilogy tells the tale of a young teenage girl,
brutally attacked just one year before, returning to her hometown where she will confront her attacker.

"Cold and analytical he dissects the roots and consequences of violence without sparing the audience.
This trilogy is a daring and authentic critique of American double standards and bigotry."

Diabolo (German weekly magazine)

"If Mike Leigh would like splatter-movies, his films might look like Douglas Buck's. In painfully long takes, Buck unfolds a family nighmare that forces its way into the audience's brain slowly, but therefore much more lastingly."
Frank Arnold, Filmdienst (Monthly Nationwide German Cinema Magazine)

"With his latest short-film "Prologue" his "Trilogy of America" comes to a close."
Blickpunkt Film (German nationwide weekly cinema/industrial magazine)

"Buck's trilogy is unbearably intense and enormously moving."
Filmecho/Filmwoche (German nationwide weekly cinema/industrial magazine)

"Buck's violence is manifest to a daring and consequent filmmaker's conscience.
The atmosphere in his films, the performances and the brutally torn bodies
are thought-provoking metaphors for life in suburban America."

Schnitt (German quarterly movie magazine, nationwide)

"Without question, PROLOGUE is an absolutely brilliant film."
Steve Puchalski, Shock Cinema

(1998, 29 minutes. with Gary Betsworth, Christine Caleo and Ray Bland)
Acting as both pseudo-sequel to, and remake of, Cutting Moments, Buck's follow-up
changes the focus from the matriarch to the father... or, more fittingly, the many fathers... and the sins they pass down. Eschews explicit violence for a more psychological approach, to a no less harrowing result.

"'Home', shot reminiscent of Stanley Kubrick,
slowly envelopes the audience in the emotional vacuum of the characters"

Joseph O'Brien, Rue Morgue Magazine

"Extremely powerful...I admired "Home" as much as "Cutting Moments" - a great deal, that's to say."
Ramsey Campbell, bestselling author, 'The Nameless'/'Nazareth Hill'

" ('Home') is well-shot, full of uneasy pauses, and highlighted by edgy performances
from both Gary Betsworth and Christine Caleo."

Steve Puchalski, Shock Cinema Magazine

"Director/writer Douglas Buck approaches the theme of the male psyche disintegrating...
"Home" maintains the emotional claustrophobia of "Cutting Moments". It is equally compelling."

Donato Totaro, Offscreen Magazine


(1997, 23 minutes. with Nicca Ray, Gary Betsworth and Jared Barsky)
Equal parts Ingmar Bergman chamber piece and B-movie exploitation gorefest,
Douglas Buck's acclaimed breakthough follows a troubled family's
harrowing descent into incest, self-mutilation and murder.

"If David Cronenberg had directed "Diary of a Mad Housewife",
the result might have been..."Cutting Moments"."

V.A Musetto, New York Post

"...skewers the myth of normalcy in a nuclear family."
Bill Starnetts, Chicago Sun Times

"(A) TV movie-of-the-week as directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini...The most chilling potrait of the loss of humanity
in the manicured lawns of Middle America ever made."

Michael Simmons, LA Weekly

"...a truly disturbing cinematic experience."
Abel Ferrara, director, 'King of New York'/'The Funeral'

"...proof that a fine artist can use shocking violence to serve a higher purpose."
Zoe Lund, writer-actor, 'Bad Lieutenant'/'Ms. 45'

"...bravura film-making, a thirty minute masterpiece...Doug Buck's first film makes me wonder what raw terror and beauty await in his second; he offers new hope for the American cinema of horror."
Douglas E. Winter, writer of biographies on Stephen King, Clive Barker

"...this is the sort of filmmaking the world desperately needs more of - uncompromisingly honest works designed not to entertain an audience but to destroy them."
Mitch Davis, Flesh and Blood Magazine


(1995, 17 minutes. b&w. with John Pero)
A darkly humorous black and white tale of a young boy, unable to fit in, finally realizing
his calling while watching animals killing each other on nature documentaries.
Raw non-sync early effort, interesting as an early and funny example of Buck's forays
into continuing themes of painful isolation, suburban disassociation and the inherent violence that can follow.


7/15/08 - THE BROKEN IMAGO UPDATE! Paul McCann of horror website Dread Central caught up to Douglas Buck and Metaluna producer Fabrice Lambot at the Montreal Fantasia Festival where Douglas is serving is the President of the First-Feature Film Jury to discuss the shooting of the The Broken Imago teaser, as well as the status of the project itself. For the full story, check out


5/20/08 - Next week Douglas Buck leaves to Argentina to shoot the teaser for his previously mentioned project 'The Broken Imago'. Buck says "Metaluna Films' Fabrice Lambot has grown more and more excited about our weird sci-fi project and has decided to go all out, bringing a group of us over to shoot a very strange and exciting 4 minute teaser. Karim Hussain, the Montreal director of 'La Belle Bete' and 'Ascension' is acting as my Director of Photography. It's the first time we've worked together in this way so it should be interesting." The teaser will be shot over 2 days around Buenos Aires on 35mm. Buck wrote and will direct and edit the teaser. It should be ready by the end of June.


3/06/08 - With Image Entertainment scheduled to release SISTERS to DVD March 11th, a number of outlets have interviewed director Douglas Buck, including journalist and critic Matthew Kiernan at the AMC website. The short interview also provides a link to Matthew's positive review of the film during its screening at the Philadelphia Film Festival.


2/18/08 - Metaluna Productions looks to make Douglas Buck's next project.

It's titled 'The Broken Imago' and is a long-time dream project for Buck. "I had originally mentioned the story to (Metaluna co-founder) Fabrice Lambot about 8 years ago, before he was even involved in film production. I had forgotten I even told him about it when he suddenly called me from France last month and said 'Hey, I started a production company with Jean-Pierre Putters, we've already done one feature film and a few shorts and we'd like to do yours next. Remember that story you told me a long time ago... ? '" Metaluna has commissioned the writing of the script and is hopeful to be in production, with Buck directing, by winter 2008 most likely in Argentina. Details are sketchy but Buck will say it's a "low budget sci-fi film, around a million dollar budget would be fine, about a group of kids on an isolated island and a peculiar virus transforming the world. If I had to make a comparison, I'd call it 'Lord of the Flies' as made by David Cronenberg. A Nature's Revenge movie." Stay tuned.


2/15/08 - Douglas Buck will be in attendance next weekend at the Chicago Fangoria Weekend of Horrors February 22-25. Buck, along with co-writer John Freitas, will be doing a panel on Saturday February 23 at 1:30pm discussing SISTERS and screening clips from the film.

Also, FAMILY PORTRAITS will be screening at noon on the same day at the convention. Buck will be around all weekend with advance signed DVD copies of SISTERS, just ahead of its March 11 release date, as well as DVDs of his first film FAMILY PORTRAITS, so feel free to stop him if you'd like a copy of either.


1/14/08 - FINALLY AN UPDATE! As announced on the website, SISTERS is finally scheduled to be released on DVD through Image Entertainment on March 11, 2008. On the DVD will be included commentary by Buck, as well as extended/deleted scenes and a stills gallery. Check out the Image trailer at

Unfortunately, SISTERS will not be getting the hoped-for limited domestic theatrical release. According to Buck "theaters in San Fran, LA, New York, Boston, Pittsburgh, Portland and others were not only interested -- some had already confirmed -- in booking a SISTERS run when, for some very frustrating reasons out of my control, we had to pull any US bookings."

However, the film will be getting a Japanese theatrical, opening at the Shibuya Prefecture on February 23, then going wide soon after. Check out the interesting and quirky Japanese trailer at

Buck is currently working with a French producer on his latest project, a low-budget yet ambitious sci-fi film. More information and updates about the project will be coming soon, as Buck is confident the contracts will be signed early next month! So stay tuned!


9/09/06 - Douglas Buck has just returned from France where he introduced the official presentation screening of 'Family Portraits' at the Deauville Film Festival and did press for the upcoming October 4th theatrical release of 'Family Portraits' in Paris.

Buck has headed to Vancouver for the upcoming sound mix on his latest film 'Sisters'. 'Sisters' is scheduled to be completed in time for its World Premiere in the Official Competition at Sitges International Film Festival in mid-October. This will be followed by its North American premiere at the 35th Nouveau Cinema Festival in Montreal a week later. Much more festival information to come!


5/25/06 - Production for Douglas Buck's remake of Brian De Palma's 1972 shocker 'Sisters' is complete! Production wrapped on April 13 and Buck is deep into his director's cut working with editor Omar Daher. Buck says filming was difficult and frustrating, with many unnecessary battles behind the scenes, but is overall satisfied with the results. And working with the actors was a blessing, Buck continues. "Chloe Sevigny, Stephen Rea and Dallas Roberts were true professionals, and a blast to spend time with. French actor Lou Doillon (who replaced French Chanel supermodel Anna Mouglalis just 3 days before production, who had replaced Asia Argento one month before that) was a real find." The film should be ready for festivals in the winter.

Also, check out the ORDERING THE TRILOGY section of this website. The price for Douglas Buck's "Family Portraits" DVD just came down by 30%!


6/02/05 - MORE NEWS:

FAMILY PORTRAITS: A TRILOGY OF AMERICA made the top ten 2004 movie list of both the fine folks at and New York film critic Jeremiah Kipp's at!

The endless 'Sisters' saga is gaining momentum: A recent May 18th Hollywood Reporter article discussed the impending break-up of famed producer Ed Pressman and John Schmidt after their mutual company Content Films' board of directors decided to abandon film production entirely to solely focus on acquisitions. The article goes on to describe the formation of Pressman's new production company Pressman & Co. Films and mentions the following:
"Among the planned projects is a remake of Brian DePalma's "Sisters," to be directed by Douglas Buck. (Pressman also produced the original 1973 'Sisters.') Asia Argento is in negotiations to star in the Margot Kidder role."
Buck can add to this information by saying the film is definitely scheduled for production in January 2006. The original location of Montreal, Canada is now under question as the freezing winter conditions make shooting their very difficult for such a tightly budget film, as well as Buck "never envisioned the film as a winter movie." New locations, including the South, are being considered in order to maximize the budget. Either way, it looks like 'Sisters' is finally going to happen!!
Stay tuned.


After more than two years of frustrating delays and confounding legal issues that seemed at one time destined to kill the project, 'Sisters' appears back on track. Douglas Buck and his co-writer John Freitas wrapped up the second draft screenplay of this remake of Brian Depalma's 1972 shocker a few months back and preliminary budgeting has begun. Casting sessions have started with Content Films soon ready to make offers. Shooting is scheduled for Montreal, Canada later this year with Buck directing.

The trilogy will be screening at the upcoming 2005 Mar Del Plata film festival ( Douglas Buck will be attending from March 15-20. The festival takes place just outside Buenos Aires in Argentina and runs March 10-20.

Buck will also be attending the 2005 Boston Underground Film Festival ( from April 7-10 where the trilogy also will be screened. The festival runs Apr 6-10.

The trilogy will also be screened March 30 at 7pm at the IMAGE Film & Video Center ( in Atlanta Georgia.

Buck has also been working on a documentary piece about NY independent writer/director Larry Fessenden and the creation of his latest film, the supernatural thriller 'The Last Winter'. He'll be in Iceland from March 30-April 7 shooting on-set behind the scenes of Fessenden's latest environmentally-conscious cautionary tale.

1/05/05 - Douglas Buck will be a guest at the Chiller Convention in New Jersey this weekend January 7-9 at the Sheraton Meadowlands Hotel across from Giants Stadium. Along with being around for the entire weekend, Buck will present a special screening of 'Family Portraits: A Trilogy of America' on Saturday Jan 8th at noon in the Official Convention Lecture Room. For more info on the Chiller Convention, go to

NEW PROJECT FOR BUCK: Douglas Buck's long-time companion and collaborator Rita Romagnino delivered their first child Azia Sofia Romagnino Buck on December 21st, 2004. Everyone is home and doing well.

11/23/04 - 'Prologue' (the 52-minute denouement chapter in Douglas Buck's 'Family Portraits: A Trilogy of America') has been announced in competition for the New Directors/New Visions section prize at the upcoming Sitges International Film Festival ( running December 2-11. The festival is located just outside Barcelona in Spain. Buck will be a guest at the festival from December 4th until the end and will present the screening of 'Prologue' on December 6th, as well as a special screening of the entire Trilogy on December 7th.

10/20/04 - 'Family Portraits: A Trilogy of America' has been announced as an official in-competition entry at the 1st Annual Horror Fiesta Festival taking place in Warsaw, Poland running this Nov 5-7th. For more info, check out their site at

8/31/04 - Due to the success of the September 6 screening of FAMILY PORTRAITS: A TRILOGY OF AMERICA at the Pioneer Theater, the film has been asked back for a ONE WEEK THEATRICAL RUN in October! FAMILY PORTRAITS will screen October 13-19. All screenings will be held at 9pm, with only the October 16 screening held at 7pm.

8/31/04 - Check out the current FEARFUL FEATURES section of the fangoria website for a new piece on Buck's Trilogy written by none other than frequent horror scribe Don Kaye.

8/31/04 - THE WAIT IS FINALLY OVER! THE TRILOGY IS ALMOST HERE! After resolving all final printing issues, Douglas Buck's Family Portraits: A Trilogy of America DVD will finally be ready for release later this week! Payment through PAYPAL or by certified check/money order will be set up in a few days. This 2-disc set will be $29.99 USD postage paid (Orders outside of the U.S. please add $3.00 USD for shipping/handling).

Douglas Buck and genre legend George Romero present the Family Portraits poster.

8/30/04 - The opening presentation of Douglas Buck's Family Portraits DVD was an immediate success last weekend at the Rue Morgue Festival of Fear in Toronto. Sales were high and genre favorites like George ('Dawn of the Dead') Romero stopped by the booth to give their support.

! After struggling through a number of unforseen snags along the way (including digital remastering issues of the original Cutting Moments and Home negatives), work on the DVD is back on track. A new release date is set for the now 2-disc set of the 'Trilogy' of August 2004. For further info, Contact us.

The entire trilogy will be playing at the Two Boots Pioneer Theater in downtown New York City as part of Shade Rupe's ongoing Subversive Cinema screenings. Buck will be present at the screening which takes place on Monday September 6th at 6:30pm.

Douglas Buck was unfortunately unable to attend the screenings of 'Prologue' at the Montreal Fantasia festival, but he will definitely be present this weekend 8/20-8/21 for opening introductions and closing Q&As at both screenings of the Family Portraits trilogy at the Cinema du Parc in Montreal. Both Friday and Saturday night screening will be held at 11:15pm.

7/09/04 - Check out the Filmmaker Magazine website for an interview with Douglas Buck discussing the trilogy, the film festival circuit and the continuing saga of the Sisters project.

'Prologue' will screen as part of the Montreal Fantasia Festival on July 28th at 7:30pm as well as on July 29th at 7:20pm. Both screenings will be double billed with Lucile Hadzililovac's brilliant and tragic study of a young French girl's domestic anguish called 'La Bouche de Jean Pierre'. Buck will be at the screenings to introduce his film.

The entire 'Family Portraits' trilogy will screen in Montreal's wonderful repertory cinema house Cinema du Parc at midnight on Friday August 20th and Saturday August 21st. For further information, check out out their website.

- Douglas Buck has been officially announced as a guest at the Toronto Festival of Fear Horror Expo where he plans to present the completed DVD of his Trilogy. The Rue Morgue magazine-sponsored event will be held at the Metro Toronto Convention Center from Aug 27-29. Other guests include George A. Romero and Larry Fessenden. For more info, check out the following link:

5/21/04 - For some general musings by Editor Rod Gudino on a recent slightly imbibed conversation had with Douglas Buck late on a summer night in the streets of Montreal at the 2003 Fantasia Festival discussing the importance of horror films, check out Rod's opening 'Notes From the Underground' column in the latest Rue Morgue #39 (with the amazing image from David Cronenberg's "Rabid" on the cover).


01/16/04 - Watch the CUTTING MOMENTS trailer online! QuickTime required.

01/05/04 - Check out the latest January-February 2004 issue of Rue Morgue for the two page spread on 'The Suburban Holocaust of Douglas Buck' including critical analysis, photos and interview excerpts.

11/20/03 - Douglas Buck's infamous 'Cutting Moments' screened in Toronto on Wednesday night, November 19th, along with Dennison Ramalho's 'Love from Mother Only' and Nacho Cerda's 'Aftermath' as part of a Trilogy of Trauma night in Toronto's Vatican sponsored by Rue Morgue Magazine. For pictures of the intense and apparently quite effective night, check out:

11/18/03 - It was a night to remember as the first screening of 'Prologue' took place on Tuesday night at the Tribeca Film Center. Along with the entire cast and crew, many New York industry people attended, along with notables like outstanding horror novelist Peter Straub and controversial French director Gaspar Noe.

Producer Rita Romagnino and Director Douglas Buck introduce the screening of 'Prologue'.


11/17/03 - Douglas Buck, co-writing with his frequent collaborator John Freitas, officially completed and delivered the first draft screenplay of 'Sisters' to Pressman/Content Films. Early word back from Content is positive, we'll see where it goes from here.

10/27/03 Fessenden to co-produce with Edward R. Pressman the re-make of Brian DePalma's seminal horror pic, SISTERS to be directed by cult filmmaker Douglas Buck.




With his edgy and often extreme short films a continuing presence at both US underground film festivals and international genre festivals abroad, filmmaker Douglas Buck has been flying just under the radar of the mainstream for close to a decade now. Growing up in Long Island, Buck was infatuated with film very early on, but it wasn't until after college, and moving into New York City, that he started taking filmmaking seriously. Supporting himself by day as an engineer (eventually overseeing the entire continuing electrical airfield design work for both JFK and LaGuardia Airports), at night Buck began to associate with legendary maverick director Abel Ferrera, as well as crazed but brilliant underground writer Zoe Lund.

Eventually making films himself, Buck═s art house style (he claims Ingmar Bergman and Andrei Tarkovsky as major influences) alternating with an often in-your-face sensibility, has lead to features in a wide variety of film sources; from the independent film bible Filmmaker Magazine, to horror fan guides like Fangoria magazine and Rue Morgue.

His close association with the French filmmaker and fellow provocateur Gaspar Noe -- the two immediately appreciating each other's work -- led to the French company The Wild Bunch, formerly of Canal +, hiring Buck in late 2000 to develop an original idea he had pitched them. The experience of putting together this daring feature film about American suburban alienation and despair, sort of a cross between Roman Polanski's 'Repulsion' and Todd Solondz's 'Happiness', was moving smoothly into pre-production, when it suddenly crashed. Canal + fell into financial turmoil and Wild Bunch splintered off, leaving Buck's finished screenplay 'Body Faith' in a development hell, out of which he is still determined to one day retrieve it.

Buck got back behind the camera in late 2002 finally shooting and finishing the 52 minute 'prologue' segment to his feature film 'Family Portraits: A Trilogy of America', his ultimate culminating exploration into the inner isolation and cauldrons of violence existing within America today. The film has screened already as a work in progress at the 2003 Oldenburg Film Festival in Germany to much critical and audience acclaim and is receiving a one-week New York theatrical run in October.

Buck is currently working with renowned American independent producer Ed Pressman to write and direct the remake of Brian Depalma's 1972 classic SISTERS, which falls closely in line with Buck═s previous explorations into psychic despair and troubled relations culminating often with acts of terrible violence. His close acquaintance and fellow New York independent filmmaker Larry Fessenden will act as a producer on the film. Interest has arisen as well on the Body Faith front recently, with an independent producer optioning it and working with Buck to finally get Buck═s dream project back off the ground.


Analysis of Buck's Trilogy by Jeremiah Kipp of FilmFestivalToday:

Interview with Riccardo Ponis of Cineclub Detour:
(Go to the bottom of the page for the English translation)

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