ORIGINAL POST from 1993 (updated in 1999)

Glass Eye Pix is a production company set up in 1985 by Larry Fessenden to get independent projects off the ground, and it is the family of people associated with those projects.

Glass Eye Pix has been instrumental in various aspects of production from developement to distribution on recent features including HABIT (Fessenden), THE DELTA (Ira Sachs), RIVER OF GRASS (Kelly Reichardt) and NO TELLING (Fessenden).

There are four major principles at work at Glass Eye Pix:

  • That process and collaboration in filmmaking constitute a microcosm of life and socio-political interaction. To do good work in a collaborative process with fairness and finesse is an accomplishment and an end in itself.

  • That movies don't have to cost alot. Resoursefullness breathes life into the process and the product and frees us from the tyranny of commercialism.

  • Personal cinema is stimulating and exploitable if the audience is open, and the work truthful.

  • Just as a work is comprised of an accumulation of choices, an artist is defined by a body of work: The choices of projects over time tell a thematic story about the artist's point of view.

photos top to bottom:
Fessenden shooting Experienced Movers with a Beta II Portapack (1984)
Shooting Hollow Venus in 16mm (1986)
Framing up a shot for No Telling in super 16mm (1990)