Glass Eye Pix is pleased to be associated with this rogue auteur on recent projects, PROLOGUE & SISTERS.


"The main goal with film, or any art form, is to impact us somehow. Whether with a gentle caress or a sledgehammer blow, if you can be rewarded with a brief touch of the sublime, you have been granted a true moment of understanding."

"The works that speak to me the most - and which I think clearly influence my own work - are those that search for exploration within the elements of exploitation. The films that manage to validate these elements - Abel Ferrara's 'Bad Lieutenant', or Zulawski's 'Possession', to name two disparate examples - are true and rare achievements."

"One of the main goals for the trilogy has been to express the image of the suffering face. I love the suffering face. However, when I see the incredibly pained and haunted faces revealed again and again by Tarkovsky and Bergman, presented with what seems an almost ease, I clearly see I haven't yet come close to achieving one - but I plan to keep trying." -- Douglas Buck


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