Fessenden shooting HOLLOW VENUS in 16mm circa 1989

As we mark another year in operation,
Glass Eye Pix looks forward to sharing upcoming projects:

BLISS by Joe Maggio
CRUMB CATCHER by Chris Skotchdopole
BLACKOUT by Larry Fessenden

blu-ray Special Edition of Jack Fessenden’s FOXHOLE

a new season of Tales From Beyond The Pale

Glass Eye Pix TOYZ by James Felix McKenney

new music from Just Desserts

and we’ll be keeping an EYE out for new work by GEP alumni

Jenn Wexler, Ti West, Glenn McQuaid, Jim Mickle, Kelly Reichardt, Graham Reznick, Beck Underwood
as well as actors. producers and interns that have survived the GEP Boot Camp

with much appreciation to our viewers and fans