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SATELLITE, directed by Glass Eye Pix collaborator Jeff Winner and produced with pals Jason Orans and Brian Devine at Gigantic Pictures, is now available on VOD and Amazon Instant Video.

The film festival favorite was acclaimed by The New York Times as “a captivating romantic fairy tale for grown-ups” and by Slant Magazine as “the perfect date movie.” It stars Karl Geary (STAG NIGHT, THE BURROWERS, MIMIC: SENTINEL, CONEY ISLAND BABY, which he also wrote) and Stephanie Szostak (IRON MAN 3, DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS,THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA) – who was hailed by The New York Times for combining, “Audrey Tautou’s gamine beauty with the seething inner turbulence of Jeanne Moreau’s Catherine in “Jules and Jim..”

Fessenden is the film’s executive producer and also has a role in the movie as an uncharacteristically decent school teacher.

In SATELLITE, a chance encounter prompts a young couple to forsake everything they know in the hopes of truly experiencing life as never before in director Jeff Winner’s (YOU ARE HERE*) reckless romantic drama. After meeting and falling in love over the course of a weekend, Kevin (KARL GEARY, THE BURROWERS) and Ro (STEPHANIE SZOSTAK) vow never to lie to each other and to dare each other to do the things they fear most. As the new pair hastily abandon their jobs,sells their possessions,and bet everything they have on love, reality rears its ugly head in the form of a secret Ro carries—if revealed, it could destroy the relationship.

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