GEP pals HOLY MOUNTAIN PRINTING are shipping this special edition of TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE episode The Grandfather, written, directed, and sound designed by Graham Reznick and starring the incomparable Angus Scrim.

Available in two tone green or Glow in The Dark Vinyl! from HOLY MOUNTAIN PRINTING.

From Reznick’s liner notes: “I wouldn’t ask an audience to spend thirty solid minutes wandering through the foggy head of an elderly man possibly suffering cognitive decline unless they were guided by Angus. Because spending any time with Angus is to be treasured – as anyone who was lucky enough to spend time with him in real life can attest. His consummate congeniality was equalled only by his legendary, terrifying screen presence. I’ve always been fascinated by this contrast, and so The Grandfather is an attempt to have it both ways. An “attempt” only on my part as a writer and director: Angus achieved a pitch perfect blend of charm, sadness, intimidation, and danger. I hope you enjoy letting him into your head. “