Variety: Indie label views big picture

Darius Van Arman, co-owner of indie record label Jagjaguwar, always viewed the imprint’s recent adventures in the screen trade as a kind of experiment, which might explain his attitude about branching out as less make-or-break than whatever-happens-happens… Read More

Calgary Screen: Unflinching and unfunny

The Comedy is a painfully important character study.

“That was something that brought me and Heidecker and Wareheim and Turkington together — we all have a fascination and an interest in discomfort,” he says. “I think so much entertainment is traditionally built around safety and comfort, and it’s become a lopsided, grotesque kind of thing. So the claustrophobia interested me. I also get irritated about a kind of audience entitlement we’ve been conditioned to, to expect to be told everything about an environment. Our imaginations are literally destroyed. They’re a muscle that we don’t utilize anymore.”.. .Read More