At the Historic Park Theatre in downtown Estes Park amid gloomy rainy weather, “Tale from Beyond the Pale: Parlor Tricks” was presented early Friday evening.

This audio drama in two parts complete with foleys performing manual sounds to combine with electronic music and effects, was an inventive journey back to the days of radio plays. The first part, “Cold Reading” was set in 1925 and the conclusion, “No Signal,” nearly 100 years later (present day). Snappy dialogue, a chilling premise, and talented actors led by Larry Fessenden of Glass Eye Pix made for a truly memorable experience.

While the audience was invited to sit back and close their eyes to experience the audio play, it was more interesting to watch the foleys perform with various ingredients and props. Noises created by watermelon flesh, cabbage heads, and inflated balloons were extremely effective.

(photo & text by Barb Boyer Buck for the Trail-Gazette)