“a wonderfully constructed, cohesive and engaging anthology film.
I loved Larry Fessenden’s piece that he wrote, directed, and starred in.
It has this contemporary Poe feel that is a balance between
the character’s narration and the visuals. It’s a fantastic piece.”

“ISOLATION horror anthology is pulse-pounding genre goodness.
Larry Fessenden‘s piece “Fever” is a wildly dark, creatively shot, fever dream.
It nailed the undying spirit of New York and hit me square in the chest.”

“Eleven directors collaborate for nine tales of Isolation at its scariest.
Inspired by the isolation brought about by COVID quarantine protocols,
the talent behind the cameras got creative about how to keep working.
Independent horror royalty Larry Fessenden (Jakob’s Wife) is included
in a roster of directors with impressive horror credentials,
and an inherent desire to stay busy and keep creating
even when a pandemic makes truth stranger than fiction.”


Produced by Nathan Crooker
Directed by:
Dennie Gordon (Jack Ryan, Legion, Hunters, Waco)
Larry Fessenden (“The Last Winter,” “Habit,” “Depraved”),
Bobby Roe, (“The Houses October Built 1&2”)
Andrew Kasch, (“Tales Of Halloween”),
Zach Passero (“Wicked Lake”)
Christian Pasquariello (“Alien Invasion: S.U.M. 1”)
Alexandra Neary (“The Innocent”)
Alix Austin & Keir Siewert (“Retch”)
Kyle I. Kelley & Adam Brown (“The Music Lesson”)