Yes friends, it was the sprawling Epic EXPERIENCED MOVERS, based on the 4 hour play by East Village Dramaturge Evan McHale and produced, directed, shot and edited by Fessenden, that first bore the production title Glass Eye Pix.

Premiering in the downtown club Danceteria Nov 2 1985, ExMovers went on to play in bars and basements in the East Village on TVs Daisy-chained together by RF cables.

In tribute to those days of independence and self invention, we return to the bar where XMOVERS was filmed, hosted by Lucy who was there every day of the shoot providing hangover-helpers to the director and his 2-man crew.

Ambitious, flawed, bizarrely original, XMOVERS is an endurance test and indie filmmaking before there was such a term. See if you can survive it. FREE. BYOB. (buy your own Booze)