The Last Winter has a surprisingly great cast for a low-budget indie film — Ron Perlman, Connie Britton, Zach Gilford, Kevin Corrigan, and others star in this quiet, mysterious little genre picture from the great director Larry Fessenden. The movie follows the development of an ice road through the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for an oil company, and a combination of environmental scientists and corporate oil workers who investigate the area and discover some strange, disturbing happenings.

Larry Fessenden Is an Indie Horror God

The Last Winter is a more coldly subdued horror film, less of a slow-burn than a slow-freeze. It’s all about atmosphere here until the end, and filmmaker Larry Fessenden is an expert at that. The director behind masterpieces like Habit and Wendigo creates another horror allegory here, a look at environmental doom that is subtle enough to just slightly shade the increasingly intense and hopeless events of the film. It’s a dark, mysterious classic of winter horror.


A grieving couple, Anne and Paul Sacchetti, decide to move to a new home in rural New England to try to deal with the death of their son. However, Anne soon starts to see visions of her son trapped inside the home and visions of mysterious charred figures in the basement. When the residents start to visit and ask them to leave, the two are drawn into an evil truth about the town and the house they moved into.

A True Horror Film on All Fronts

Ted Geoghegan’s 2015 film We Are Still Here will instantly capture the attention of horror fans with its 80s aesthetic and homage to supernatural films of the era. Moreover, the production benefits from the inclusion of indie royalty in the horror genre, including Barbara Crampton, in what is probably one of her best roles to date. Moreover, it stars the aforementioned Larry Fessenden, who has appeared in everything from low-budget shockers like Family Portraits: A Trilogy of America to respected cult classics like Ti West’s House of the DevilWe Are Still Here is a well-rounded horror film that does not lean too heavily on nostalgia to weave its haunting story. The movie also has a wonderfully chaotic and gory climax. Watch for free on Tubi and Peacock and rent or buy on digital platforms.

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