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“Adrián García Bogliano’s Here Comes the Devil is what would happen if psychological terror and weird sex shit came to a Mentos commercial. Stilted as fuck, fueled on pregnant pauses and eyeball acting that makes virtually every character appear to have a thyroid condition, the movie revels in the kind of unnaturalness the ’70s schlock it so admires could only settle for….I never stopped wanted to see what the fuck ridiculous thing it was going to throw at me next. It intensifies at certain points into shockingly brutal violence, and is more effective for being so felicitous about that. Without going excessive and taking a torture-porn turn, this movie shows you that it means business and isn’t just some jump-scare-loaded, soft-R-for scary bullshit…”

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HERE COMES THE DEVIL is now playing at Cinema Village in NYC and Sundance Sunset Cinema in LA.

Stay tuned for news on Bogliano’s upcoming feature with Glass Eye Pix, LATE PHASES.