fessendenIn a new interview, Larry Fessenden talks with Movie Geeks United about recording the new season of TALES BEYOND THE PALE in front of a live audience, how the audience experience of the audio drama differs from that of film, his mission to reinvigorate classic horror elements, the psychology of the horror genre, his appearance in YOU’RE NEXT, and much more!

From the interview:

“I think what has inspired Glenn and myself all along with this project is that we’re stripping away the visuals…If you strip that away, you remind the audience that it’s their obligation to participate in the making of the images, and, of course, when you don’t show it, when you only imply it with sound, the audience is building a picture in which everyone’s private nightmare becomes the story, and that’s why we have so much fun with it.”

“I’d like to reawaken an appreciation for the most fundamental entertainment experiences and, in this case, when we’re speaking about audio dramas, we’re speaking about the story told around the fire.”

“With all of my stories, it’s about the psychology of the individuals.  I always like to play with the horror tropes that we’re familiar with – be it ghosts, or vampires, or werewolves, or what have you – and then bring it back to the personal, as if the root of so much fear is really our own self-betrayal.”

Listen to the full interview below.