Andi Matichak stars in the Glass Eye Pix / Nous Entertainment production

from the Program Notes:

36 hours in three different wars – the American Civil War, World War I, and Iraq. »Foxhole« follows a small group of soldiers who are confronted in a confined space with questions of their morality, the futility of their actions, and an increasingly unpredictable combat situation. Between courage born of desperation, fear of death, and absurd attempts to posit positions of right or wrong, Jack Fessenden’s intensifying construct invites space to everything that defines a human being. There is no war, there is no patriotic goal, not even orientation in the most elementary sense. All there is, is a foxhole, a wall of fog and a desperate will not to die. A war movie, an anti-war movie, a deeply humanistic movie, written and directed by a 19-year-old that is as mature, thoughtful and poetic as “Foxhole” is a dazzling promise for the future of cinema. Nothing less than humanity is negotiated, from the trench in the American Civil War to a Humvee in the Iraq war. What have we learned in the last 150 years?