Shock Till You Drop-

“Some new artwork was released for the Dark Sky Films release Hypothermia, hitting DVD on October 2nd.  You’ll recognize this one as another gem from The Dude Designs.  (A brief aside: I love the fact that companies are now going to artists to make creative poster art these days.)

James Felix McKenney directs and Michael Rooker stars.  Head inside for a larger look at the art…Read More”

MTV Geek-

Hypothermia! How awesome is this poster for the Michael Rooker-starring “Hypothermia” from Dark Sky Films? Comes out on Oct 2. Read More”


Well, it turns out Dark Sky films is bring exactly that premise into fruition with HYPOTHERMIA. Produced by Larry Fessenden (THE LAST WINTER, HOUSE OF THE DEVIL), HYPOTHERMIA looks like a blast of retro-80s, creature feature fun. Read More

Dread Central-

Around these parts we’re suckers for good poster art, and this newly released alternative artwork for Hypothermia is nothing short of badass. Hell, we’d see this flick just for the poster alone. Remember those days? Read More

Bloody Disgusting-

A family returns to their favorite winter getaway for some peaceful ice fishing little suspecting that they are about to become bait for a hideous underwater creature in Hypothermia, a bloody and bone-chilling shocker coming to DVD from genre specialists Dark Sky Films on October 2, 2012. This morning we landed a look at the home video’s wicked reversible sleeve with exclusive alternate cover art by The Dude Designs. Read More

Brutal as Hell-

I’ve lived in New England nearly all my life. And with all of the long winters I’ve endured I’ve only gone ice fishing once. It sucks. You spend the day freezing your ass off on a massive sheet of ice. For many though, it’s a welcome form of winter recreation. I say have at it. It’s not for me. Read More

Yep. The Dude Designs are at it again, unleashing even more awesome eye-candy for you and I. Below we have their poster for Dark Sky Films’ upcoming flick Hypothermia. Check it out below and gaze at its awesomeness.

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