American Jesus is an important documentary that will redefine how the world looks at America and how we Americans look at ourselves… with a level of intuitive intelligence I’ve never seen before in a film on religion”
–Frank Schaeffer

The new Glass Eye Pix documentary by Aram Garriga is given a remarkable analysis by Frank Schaeffer on Huffington Post.

American Jesus has its world premiere at the Woodstock film festival Friday October 4 and its International Premier at Sitges later this month.

The film is produced by Fessenden and Brent Kunkle. Schaeffer goes on to say:

Garriga is the new Alexis de Tocqueville…“American Jesus” is to religion what de Tocqueville’s “Democracy in America” (1835) was to our national life then: a revealing outsider’s exploration of truths we Americans are too close to.
…a plea for the true spirituality that can survive the false gods of commerce and power. Sincere believers will not feel threatened by this film…

Visit the official American Jesus website at AmericanJesusTheMovie.com.