Larry Fessenden’s HABIT will be screening at the Spectacle Theatre in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on Friday, October 11th, 8PM for one night only, with Fessenden in attendance!

From SpectacleTheatre.com:

Spectacle is pleased to welcome acclaimed horror filmmaker Larry Fessenden for a special screening of HABIT, his breakout 1995 independent vampire film.

Breaking up has never quite sucked like this: shortly after breaking up with his girlfriend, Sam (Fessenden) heads to a party, where a mysterious woman, Anna, catches his attention. After losing each other, the pair reconnects, and Sam quickly finds himself bewitched. While Sam continues to cope with the recent death of his father, breakup of his relationship, and struggles with drinking, he increasingly finds himself lost in his relationship with the seemingly omnipresent Anna, even as their relationship moves beyond the usual kink.

Haunting, funny, and insightful, HABIT brilliantly mixes metaphors for relationships, vampirism, co-dependency, and addiction, all wrapped in a vital independent filmmaking ethos. Seen today, it not only represents the best of a certain kind of New York filmmaking, but is one of the great unheralded portraits of the city. Recognizably shot on location in and around the East Village, Lower East Side, Soho, NoLIta, and Battery Park, it’s location provides a crucial layer within rich contemporary urban horror story. HABIT is a must-see.