In the Shade” is a new play with music
by Daniel Egger and Tom Laverack
about mental health, marriage, creativity and healing. 

In the Shade is a new play with music based in fact,
told through the interconnected lives of three women writers –
Jean Stafford, Elizabeth Hardwick, and Caroline Blackwood –
each of whom was married for a time to the poet Robert Lowell – and their children.

Lowell suffered from severe manic-depressive illness, with over a dozen major hospitalizations.
Lowell was also a pioneer in writing openly about his own mental illness,
helping to begin a process of destigmatization that continues to this day.

2.25.22 at 7 pm
Green Room 42
New York City

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Tom Laverack is a singer-songwriter from NYC and co-founder of the independent label, Sojourn Records. He released his seventh album, One Stop Past Your Destination in 2014. Laverack has recorded as a solo artist and as part of the duo, Just Desserts, featuring long time collaborator Larry Fessenden.

In 2007, Laverack and Mark Ambrosino co-founded Sojourn Records. Laverack’s album, Cave Drawings, produced and recorded by Ambrosino, was the debut release for Sojourn and the inspiration for starting the label. Laverack’s music has also been featured in Larry Fessenden’s films, including No Telling, Habit, Wendigo, The Last Winter and Depraved.