From Blumhouse:

Glass Eye Pix Gets Real with SATAN HATES YOU Director James Felix McKenney
by Gregory Burkart

The folks at indie horror powerhouse Glass Eye Pix continue to celebrate their 30th Anniversary with the next installment in an ongoing series of mini-documentaries on the company’s many creative collaborators and contributors (if you missed it, be sure to check out this profile of animator Beck Underwood, whose work with creepy dolls and toys will chill and delight you).

Today’s chapter focuses on James Felix McKenney — a man who has donned many horror hats over the past three decades: he’s the man behind cult horror projects AUTOMATONS, HYPOTHERMIA and SATAN HATES YOU; he founded his own production company Monsterpants Movies; and he was the very first full-time employee of Glass Eye Pix founder (and beloved genre icon) Larry Fessenden (HABIT, THE LAST WINTER). He’s since become manager on several of their projects, including the current season of the hit horror radio show TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE.

Watch the mini-doc below and find out what horrific mischief he’s up to now!