Fessenden, Graham Reznick and GEP pal JT Petty show up on the list along with heavyweights John Carpenter, Clive Barker and James Gunn.

From the article by Meagan Navarro:

Longtime indie horror mainstay Larry Fessenden has acted, produced, written, and directed for over 30 years. His production company, Glass Eye Pix, can be counted on to produce unique independent features, many of which are elevated by fantastic cameos by Fessenden. Even with his extensive work in cinema, he still wasn’t the most obvious choice in penning what became the biggest horror game of 2015; Until Dawn. The choose your own adventure type of survival horror was dependent upon a compelling story, one that Fessenden and co-writer Graham Reznick delivered in spades. A group of teens trapped on a mountain with a killer on the loose becomes so much more in Fessenden’s capable hands. Even better? He appears in the game as well, as the Flamethrower Guy, one of the most intriguing characters in the narrative. Thanks to Fessenden and his writing partner, Until Dawn became the game that left fans clamoring for me. Even two years later.

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