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Terror in the Water: 10 Underappreciated Aquatic Horror and Water Thriller Movies


Beneath is a low-budget indie with absolutely loathsome characters and atrocious dialogue, but it’s floating by on a cool concept. If you’re familiar and or a fan of “The Raft” segment from Creepshow 2, Beneath is essentially a feature-length version of that short horror gold; thus worth your time if you like a simple, dark premise drawn out.

The plot’s as simple as can be: A group of horrible, angsty teens who recently graduated high school gather on a rowboat and coast out on a lake, but soon find themselves trapped by a man-eating fish in the water that’s circling their boat.

From there, the characters fight amongst themselves as they’re forced to choose crew members as distractions to escape this creature.

Beneath has its many deep flaws, though one actually becomes a positive. There’s nobody to root for. The leads are all equally detestable. So why not cheer on the killer fish? A flick throughout which you’re forced to root for the monster has its value.

On another sellable note, the creature is a rubbery prop. While that might be corny, it’s a breath of fresh air from the onslaught of CGI sea monsters us aquatic horror lovers have been forced to endure over the years. It’s not the most menacing creature, but it’s a fishy monster actually in the water.

The cast of unknowns, for the most part, stink like the lake water that holds their fates. Their interpersonal conflicts aren’t overly deep. However, indie director Larry Fessenden adds a hint of pure evil as the annoying characters turn on one another out of selfishness and survival.

Beneath doesn’t break a single bit of ground. It won’t wow you in any sense. This little chiller does have a great simplicity to it, though, and a darkness that cynics can rally around. And who doesn’t enjoy in-fighting amongst arrogant teens who are at risk of losing their lives to a killer fish?

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