likefatherlikesonAin’t It Cool News is reviewing the new season of Tales From Beyond the Pale, and this week their review focuses on Clay McLeod Chapman’s “Like Father, Like Son”. Head to to check out the whole post:

“This Frankenstein-ian tale is a gritty and dire story that most likely will churn your stomach and make you twist with unease. It’s a somber tale about a scientist working on a formula which reanimates dead tissue and, wouldn’t you know it, on the night he is celebrating his breakthrough, he gets into a car accident resulting in the death of his son. You see where this one is going, right? Sure the concept is predictable, but what makes it so effective is the fantastic voicework from Fessenden as the distraught scientist and the other members of the cast, especially that of the reanimated son. The sloshy and sloppy way the monster speaks brings forth all sorts of imagery, which is what these radio plays are supposed to do. The final grueling scenes are gory and splattery and all sorts of wrong and I loved every second of it. With the use of sound effects and some slurred speech, in my mind this was a story that would have made H.G. Lewis proud in the way the grue is wallowed in. Another fine episode from one of the coolest radio series around.”

Season 2 of Tales From Beyond the Pale is available for download on iTunes, Audible, Amazon, and the Tales Online Store.