Ain’t It Cool News will be reviewing the new season of Tales From Beyond The Pale in the coming weeks. They start off with Joe Maggio’s RAM KING. Head to AintItCool.com to check out the whole post:

“This tale from Medieval times focuses on a young boy who questions his belief in a tribal god known as the Ram King. The story is a gritty tale of the strength of belief and legend and how that can be used to show strength and perverted to one’s own will. There is some nice voicework here and the final moments are really harrowing as there is a scene of torture and monstrous retribution.

As a way to start out this new series of horror tales, this is one that really feels like a campfire tale, based in legend and oozing with spooky ambiance. Written and directed by Joe Maggio who brought you BITTER FEAST, RAM KING is a story I’d love to see expanded some day as I’d love to see what this horned monster god looks like.”

Larry Fessenden’s CAPER and Glenn McQuaid’s THE CRUSH are streaming free over at TalesFromBeyondThePale.com, and you can download all the episodes at TalesFromBeyondThePale.com/store.