Creepy Christmas Film Festival

Glass Eye Pix (2008 80 min)

Beck Underwood’s Creepy Christmas on-line Film Festival is a collection of 25 horror-themed Christmas shorts in dozens of creative mediums from artists such as Larry Fessenden, Jim Mickle, Sara Driver, Beck Underwood, James Felix McKenney, Glenn McQuaid, Mary Haron, Gerard Way, Voltaire and Ti West.

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based on the Glass Eye Pix Creepy Christmas Advent Calendar

25 Short Films now online featuring Santa Claws by Larry Fessenden

Once upon a time there was an advent calendar made of paper and glue and little die-cut windows. Behind the windows were 25 images of lonely dolls, sparkly skeletons, and other strange creatures caught celebrating the holidays in most unusual ways.

Then along came the idea to bring the toys to life in an advent-style online film festival to run from December 1 to the 25.

25 filmmakers were invited to participate. Each filmmaker received one of the photos from the printed advent calendar. This image corresponded to a date in December, which became the date their film would screen online. Boxes of old dolls and toys were sent around the world to each filmmaker. Diverse in their approach to the assignment and possessed of holiday spirit the filmmakers enthusiastically embraced their challenge and created 25 unique glimpses into a very Creepy Christmas.

December 1 – Electrifying Holiday Spirit – David Goldin

December 2 – Swollen Archive – Glenn McQuaid

December 3 – Gold Eye Ball – Sara Driver

December 4 – All Wrapped Up – Heather Sinclair

December 5 – Mangertooth – JT Petty

December 6 – The Lighthouse – Michael Vincent

December 7 – The Legend of Little Mary Min and the Twists – Devin Febbroriello

December 8 – Santa Claws – Larry Fessenden

December 9 – Phantom Limbs – Beck Underwood

December 10 – You Better Watch Out – Isabel Smaras, Marcos & Nico Sorensen

December 11 – Dissecting Santa – Brandon Taylor and Eric Branco

December 12 – The Souvenir – Merrill Rauch, Gareth, Sam & Maud Brown

December 13 – Christmas Memories – Brahm Revel

December 14 – One Night in December – Jim Mickle

December 15 – CREEP – Annie Nocenti

December 16 – Twelve Days of Black Mass – Graham Reznick

December 17 – Velvet and the Walk – Celine Guillaume & Beck Underwood with Peter Sis

December 18 – X-Mess Detritus – Voltaire with Gerard Way

December 19 – Part I: I Hate Christmas – David Leslie

December 20 – Michael Got His Gun – Oliver Noble & Sam Falconi

December 21 – Part II: The Gift – David Leslie

December 22 – Holiday Hooligans – Janet Kusmierski & Greg Singer

December 23 – December 23rd – James Felix McKenney

December 24 – T’was the Night Before Christmas – Mary Harron, John C, Ruby & Ella Walsh and Sophie Blackall Olive & Eggy Godlee

December 25 – Christmas Decay – Ti West