The Delta / cast
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(in order of appearance)

Man in park Larry Reynolds
*Lincoln Bloom Shayne Gray
*Minh Nguyen ("John") Thang Chan
Donut Shop clerk Angelique Owens
Cece Bloom Leigh Walden
Sam Bloom Gene Crain
Gary Bloom Charles Ingram
Ken Bloom Ron Gephart
Denise Bloom Kim Newman
Debbie Bloom Polly Edelstein
Bernice Vanita Thomas
*Monica Rachel Zan Huss
Danny Randall Reinke
Tina Clifton Melissa Dunn
Jacquie Clifton Erin Grills
Gloria Clifton Kate Davis
Club Band Alluring Strange
Club Bouncer Mark Hyman
Michael (kid on bike) Michael Locke
2nd kid on bike Robert Hathaway
Ted Lamar Sorrento
Pick-up driver Richard Daggett
Jerry (man in hotel) Anthony Isbell
Joe J. R. Crumpton
Joe's wife Patricia A. Gill
Policeman Moses J. Peace
Minh's roommate Nhan Van Dang
Old Vietnamese woman Bay Thi Ho
Minh's friend Hoang N. Pham
Pool Hall owner Mai Ballard
*Ricky Little Colonious Davis


SHAYNE GRAY (Lincoln Bloom) grew up in Bryant, Arkansas. After high school, he toured America as the drummer in the band Techno Squid Eats Parliament, which also put out an album on the Ardent label. He is a trained medic and a member of the United States National Guard. This is his first acting job.

THANG CHAN (Minh Nguyen/"John") was raised with his mother and ten siblings on a rice farm outside of Saigon. In 1993, he was moved to Seattle by the US government as part of a program to re-settle the children of American GI's. He spends several months a year working in a fishing cannery in Alaska. Except for karioke, The Delta is Chan's first performance. He met the filmmakers on a two-week vacation to Memphis

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