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Now playing and recording as Just Desserts and on the album "Give Up the Ghost"

give up the ghost give up the ghost

Tom Laverack (vocals, guitars, keyboards) is a social worker in New York City. He has written and performed music since 1975. He has numerous recordings compiled on cassette, including solo works "As You Remain," "Longshot," "Adolescent Soul," and "Mercy, Mercy, Mr. Percy." In addition to songwriting, Laverack has worked on film scores, including Fessenden's NO TELLING. Laverack has two forthcoming solo CDs: OUT OF THE BLUE and ANTHOLOGY 1979-93.

Larry Fessenden (vocals, saxophones) works as a filmmaker out of New York. He has directed several internationally screened feature films, including HABIT, NO TELLING and HOLLOW VENUS

Mark Lerner (bass) played bass for and generally ran the 8 piece band Flat Old World, whose recordings include the CD MUSICALE (1996, Rag and Bone Shop) and an EP distributed by Hello Recording Club, a mail-order music store. He has played in numerous bands, including Life in a Blender and Canoe full of Strangers and has produced music for the albums I'M FLAPPING AND OTHER FAVORITES by Mark Donatto (1996, Rag and Bone Shop) and THE SYCAMORES (1995 Rag and Bone Shop).

Wharton Tiers (drums) is the founder of Fun City! in New York, a studio where he has engineered and produced music for over 100 bands including Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., Swans, Helmet, and Glenn Branca, and where the Just Desserts album "Sentimental War" was recorded. He produced many albums for Sonic Youth including their recent "A thousand Leaves", and can be seen playing live with The Wharton Tiers Ensemble, promoting his recent CD, BRIGHTER THAN LIFE.

Essential band members from the past (featured on "Sentimental War")

Mark Ellison (guitars, banjo, keyboards)
Noah Stein (bass)
Bob Muller (drums)

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