This Fantastic vintage Glass Eye Pix black & white comic book written by Fessenden and illustrated by Brahm Revel is now available for Digital Download through ComiXology. This  book was the launch of an ongoing collaboration between Revel and Fessenden that spawned several subsequent comic books, design projects, advent calendars, and an audio drama. Featuring a brand new rendition of the original cover. See where Fessenden’s Wendigo fetish began (and don’t forget to order your copy of  Sudden Storm: A Wendigo Reader)



An urban family traveling to the country for a quiet weekend, encounter horrors in the woods, real and imagined.Adaptation of the screenplay for Larry Fessenden’s award-winning film WENDIGO, Working in tandem with Fessenden, illustrator Brahm Revel worked with the film’s location stills and design concepts and his illustrations served as a blueprint for the film’s shoot.

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